Why Should You Choose Custom Boxes For Your Precious Product?

Why Should You Choose Custom Boxes For Your Precious Product?

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Posted: December 12, 2019

Modern era doesn’t give you the chance to create a second impression on your customers, hence you need to utilize the first one, effectively. For that matter, we can’t really toss the goods in a regular mailer box and post it, can we?

So, before you think of placing an order for the packaging boxes, you need to put some thought into designing a perfect one for your product. Since the first impression matters, we need to make the most out of this opportunity. Now the question is, how should you go about it? Well, the answer is Custom Boxes. Let’s see why!

Custom boxes foster customer loyalty

According to a research study on e-commerce by Dotcom distribution, 40% of shoppers say they would be somewhat more likely or much more likely to purchase from a retailer again if they ordered a package online and it came in a gift-like or premium package. Hence, I don’t think that I need to further emphasize how important it is to put some thought into the packaging.

Millennials like to feel connected to the brand that they choose

Usually, the target group for the packaging industry is the millennials as they make almost 25% of the total population in the US. Now, what do the millennials like? Being a millennial myself, I would really like to feel connected with the brand that I am choosing to purchase. This lands me to the next prompt i.e., packaging design; a unique packaging design will interest the millennials. Furthermore, this can pump up your customer loyalty as well as brand exposure. And, I am sure, your business wants customers for life.

How many options are there for a retailer’s packaging solution?

The first step is to choose the type of outside shipping box that you need.

Boxes come in all shapes, sizes and, materials. However, cardboard and corrugated rectangular boxes are the most popular choices amongst the retailers because they’re sturdy and affordable.

Main types of packaging to consider;

With regards to the packaging design, there are two main types: Fully customized boxes and printed stock boxes.

  • Customized Boxes

Companies who want to create an entirely branded “unboxing experience”, they usually use customized boxes to create an impact. These types of boxes often include some extra stuff like fancy print designs, fitted inserts, and dividers for tidiness and, custom wrap or tissue paper that differentiate them from their competitors. Not only this, they sometimes include custom container boxes or bags inside.

The cost definitely depends upon a number of factors, including the size of the colors used in printing, box material, number of boxes, inserts included and more.

  • Printed Stock Boxes

This type of packaging boxes is also intended to create the same kind of unboxing experience, but at a lower cost, as compared to the custom boxes. The cost of the stock boxes varies, but it’s typically less expensive in comparison with the fully customized boxes.

However, just like the custom boxes, the cost of printed stock boxes also varies widely depending on specifications with regards to the printing.

How do you figure out which box fits the needs of your product?

It’s not very difficult, you just need to know what kind of box is required according to the layout of your product. One can choose to go for a fully customized box, but maybe a printed stock box will be apt, who knows? Until you try. The best option is to ask a packaging company, of your choice, for a quote. This will eventually help you out to plan better. Your experience will mainly depend upon your budget and the type of products you’re shipping.

Difficult choice, eh? What happens when you choose custom packaging for your product?

With a custom box, you can pick any size you want, color it the way you want in order to create your brand identity and use the above-mentioned extra stuff. In short, you can get your desired outcome in the form of a captivating and unique custom box. In addition to this, this is an advanced marketing strategy.

Custom Packaging influences perception

According to e-commerce research, 40% of online shoppers say; the use of branded or gift-like packaging affects their perception of the brand or retailer that shipped the item. Of those who said gift-like packaging has an impact on brand perception, more than two-thirds said they feel that it makes the brand seem upscale and well established, while more than 60 percent said gift-like packaging gets them excited about receiving the package.

As far as the price is concerned, you’ll pay more for a fully customized box. But a killing box design doesn’t have to break your back, financially. Just a few extra pennies per box can go a long way towards having a great unboxing experience for your valued customer.

Having said that, there is good news if you are a low budget retailer; you can still offer your customers a premium unboxing experience even with more budget-friendly printed stock boxes.

One can save money by only printing on the outside of the box (maybe the logo) and using monotone coloring. It certainly depends upon your choice and your product.

Better safe than sorry

Whichever route you decide to opt for, make sure to research your options and find the right manufacturing company of custom boxes.

Caution: Before placing your order, you must ask for samples. Not only that, go for a physical mockup of your design. However, you may ask for a 2D or 3D mockup. Why? Because you’d hate to come face to face with any unpleasant surprises along with a pile of thousands of the boxes. Yikes!


Custom boxes are the future of your business. If you want to pump up your sales, you should go for custom boxes, it is backed up with the e-commerce packaging study data.  Look at the following picture and decide which box should be ideal for the marketing of your brand as well as your valuable customer’s unboxing experience. The choice is yours!

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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