You Will Thank Us – 3 Tips About Custom Bath Bomb Boxes You Need to Know

You Will Thank Us – 3 Tips About Custom Bath Bomb Boxes You Need to Know

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Posted: April 24, 2020

The DodoPackaging is a famous packaging company. However, it is a U.S. based company. Moreover, we manufacture great packaging according to the dimensions of your product. However, we at DodoPackaging creates amazing boxes by inscribing various features. We can design your boxes enticingly.Moreover, experts available in our company design boxes by following all the great parameters. Hence, we always add nice features to make your packaging look outstanding. Further, we offer bath bomb packaging at great prices.

The custom printed boxes are in great trend nowadays. However, people love nice packaging.

The bath bombs are available in the market to enhance the bathing experience greatly. However, there are various bath bomb flavours available in the market.

Are you aware that there are plenty of choices in the stores when it comes to bath bombs selection? However, due to the increasing demand for bath bombs, there are creative, innovative bath bomb boxes available in the market.

Bath bomb product packaging is becoming popular nowadays. However, you can grab creative custom boxes to make a real difference related to your brand.

However, you are free to add graphics and visuals on the bath bomb product boxes to enhance the experience of the consumers. Thus, it is a great way to attract more people to your brand.

Further, you can convert your ordinary packaging into high performing boxes. Following are three tips which you can follow to enhance your packaging:

1.   Choose a Durable Packaging Material for Your Boxes

Always select a durable material for your custom bath bomb boxes according to your choice. Moreover, we at DodoPackaging offers nice material ranges for bath bomb product boxes.

However, you can avail of various printing options as well. There are professionals available in our company who can transform your artwork of bath bomb custom boxes into reality.

Moreover, we offer great printing techniques as well to embrace the boxes. However, inscribe your logo on packaging to make it stand out unique from other brands. The following are some of the materials for your bath bomb custom boxes.

Kraft Bath Bomb Box

Kraft is an eco-friendly and recyclable material. Moreover, Kraft boxes prevents bath bombs from breakage. However, it has a sturdy texture to keep the bath bombs safe.

Further, Kraft materials have very light-weight, which you can easily carry and hold. Moreover, the Kraft boxes are cost-friendly. So, grab eco friendly bath bomb packaging as well.


Card Stock Bath Bomb Box

The card stock material is also light-weight. The bath bombs look really amazing in this material box. However, you can modify the card stock bath bomb custom packaging according to your choice. Moreover, the card stock material complements the graphical printing processes more smoothly and nicely.

The cardstock boxes look amazing as compared to traditional boxes. However, the bath bombs look attractive in this material boxes. Hence, these material boxes are suitable for local shipments only and not for international shipments.

Corrugated Bath Bomb Box

You can grab a corrugated bath bomb box for international shipment. However, this type of material box is thicker in breadth for sending products internationally.

However, a corrugated material box ensures the protection for sending your wholesale bath bomb products internationally safely.

Furthermore, it has two elements. Moreover, the one is flat linerboards, and the second is flutes. However, you can modify the thickness of flutes by the assistance of the packaging company. Moreover, avail these boxes for your bath bombs.

Rigid Bath Bomb Box

Bath bombs in rigid boxes look amazing. However, you can grab rigid boxes for putting your bath bombs as these boxes are of great quality.

Moreover, the bath bombs are very sensitive to international shipping. So, you can choose this box for safety purposes.

Moreover, these boxes look alluring than other boxes. Therefore, you are free to select the boxes of your choice.

2.   Make Your Boxes Look Stunning by Enhancing the Appearance

The innovatively created bath bomb custom boxes are a perfect way to grab the attention of people. However, the bath bombs have various fragrances and flavors in them.So, you can encase bath bombs in boxes by inscribing different colors on them. However, there are experts in the company who understand your boxes.

However, the experts have great knowledge of color psychology to add great attraction in the packaging through saturation and color combination.

You can also send your artwork by designing your graphics by using graphical software. After designing, you can print the layout by using an advanced printer. However, like this, you can convey your artwork to us in a great way.

Moreover, you can inscribe on UV spotting, foiling, stickers, etc. to make your bath bomb custom boxes look awesome. Moreover, the design experts in our company can guide you best.

3.   Inscribe Coatings on the Boxes

The significant step is to add finishing over the bath bomb custom boxes. So, you can use different kinds of finishes to make boxes look eye-catching. However, the coating is a main step in the printing and packaging of the bath bomb product’s box.

Moreover, it save boxes from various external damages. There are many packaging companies offer coating types, select the one that best suits your bath bomb custom boxes. Following is the name of two famous coatings:

Gloss Coating

Gloss coating provides a beautiful glossy finish to the boxes. However, apart from providing a glossy surface, it also makes the box to shine in the daylight.  Hence, it gives a nice appearance.

Matte Coating

The matte coating doesn’t give a shiny texture. However, it does not shine in the light or sunlight. In fact, matte coating gives the dull deep color appearance and provides a matte effect to the custom box.


Why to Choose Our Company?

Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale

You are now greatly aware of the enticing ways about bath bombs customization. However, to make it happen for your brand bath bombs, just hire our DodoPackaging company.

Our company reviews and feedbacks are awesome, and the experts present in our company understand and transform graphics on the boxes amazingly. However, these all customization ways enhance the sales tremendously.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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