Bring New Rage To The Beauty World With High-Class Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Bring New Rage To The Beauty World With High-Class Custom Hair Extension Boxes

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Posted: August 12, 2021

Hair extensions have set new dimensions in the beauty world. It has been said that half of the Beauty lies in the hair; thus, women are always in search of new ways to make their hair pretty and long. The emergence of hair extensions has solved their problem. Good hair provides women with great confidence and boosts self-esteem. 

Therefore, they maintain a significant value in their lives. Due to their great importance, they are used commonly by women all around the world. Thousands of hair extension manufacturing companies are emerging each day. 

But the thing that differentiates your brand from others is the packaging. Also, these boxes are essential to secure these extensions for a long time. If you’re looking for the best packaging company for hair extension boxes, you’re at the right place! Dodo Packaging provides you with everything under one roof.

Superior Quality Packaging For Delicate Hair Extensions

Whenever people buy an expensive and important product, the first thing they get worried about is their protection. Hair extensions are luxury beauty items and are used by large numbers of the audience for different purposes. 

Therefore, they always look for ways to keep them safe, and the only solution for them is the custom hair extension boxes. However, to offer complete protection to these extensions, the boxes need to be strong enough. Also, in the beauty industry, every product is judged by the quality of its packaging. 


Keeping this in mind, Dodo Packaging offers its customers with Durable and robust packaging boxes. We use superior quality materials for manufacturing hair extension boxes wholesale. These items are delicate and can be easily damaged or torn. Because of this, their packaging must be strong enough to overcome all the damages during handling or shipping. 

We, therefore, use high-end materials like cardboard, Kraft, and rigid for these boxes. All the materials are the ideal deal for preserving hair extensions. 

Present Your Valuable Beauty Items In Attractively Designed Hair Extension Boxes

The beauty industry has transformed drastically over the past few years, and the competition has been increased to a great extent. However, Dodo Packaging has constantly introduced new and creative ways with time. We know that people are already fed up with the old patterns and designs of packaging, and they demand something exciting and fresh, especially when it comes to beauty-related products. 

Our unique and distinctively designed hair extension packaging boxes give manufacturers the power to display their products professionally in the market and to gain maximum profit. We strive hard to fulfill the needs of our dear customers and to turn their ideas into reality. The unique and attractive shapes of these boxes help you to stand apart from other products on retail shelves. 

Any product that is packed in beautifully structured boxes will ultimately impress the buyers. These boxes not only make the products to look good but also work magically for the marketing of products and brands.  The more work you put into the packaging will show your determination and passion towards your customers.

Therefore, we offer you a variety of styles for hair extension boxes that will help you to withstand the competitive market. These beauty boxes can be manufactured in outstanding shapes according to the customer’s desire. These shapes will not only help you to attract more potential buyers but also affects your business. 

Moreover, there is a variety of shapes you can choose from, such as Tuck-end boxes, two-piece boxes, sleeve boxes, pyramid boxes, gable boxes, and die-cut boxes. The expert designing team at dodo packaging will make sure to provide you with the best!


Printing Hair Extension Boxes With All The Details Will Help You Lead Among Others

In the world of competition, thousands of companies and businesses are working hard for the profitable marketing of their beauty brand and products. They have adopted several strategies and invested so much money in advertisement purposes but fail to market their products effectively. But we are pleased to provide you with a unique and cost-effective, and reliable solution for you. 

Dodo Packaging provides you with custom printed hair extension boxes that act as the representative of your company. Printing these custom hair extension boxes will greatly impact the decision of the target audience. Therefore, our skilled team and high-end printing methods will help you to reach the heights of success efficiently.  

You can print these boxes with eye-catching images or designs that can be related to the product inside, or you can add celebrity pictures on these boxes to grab the attention of buyers.  Also, you can print these boxes with images or long lashes or attractive eyes to grab the attention of the person passing by instantly. We highly recommend our customers to print these boxes with the brand’s logo so that people can easily recognize your and your products among thousands of others. 

Also, you can give us your creative ideas, and we’ll give you the best results. Our high-end printing methods and unique printing are the economical and best strategies for your brand’s promotion.

Furthermore, logos act as a representative of your brand. It is the logo that tells the buyers about you and your products. In this way, logos perform the task of marketing very well. Printing hair extension boxes with exciting designs, titles, taglines, or images can create a strong and positive image for your brand. We use different printing methods to achieve high-quality results, such as digital printing, offset printing, and flexography.


Add Grace To The Luxury Hair Extension Packaging With Exquisite Color Schemes!

Cosmetic packaging must be excellent in everything! Therefore, we do not compromise on anything to get the best. From quality to customizations, we take care of every little detail. We ensure that our customers are completely satisfied and happy with the final outcome. 

Therefore, we put a lot of hard work into glamorizing these hair extension boxes for our dear clients. Anything related to Beauty can’t be dull and colorless. Therefore, we use different color models to give a vibrant and bright touch to hair extension boxes. Also, people nowadays do not like to see colorless boxes. 

Colors can change the entire outlook of your packaging. You can add colorful patterns or designs to the hair extension boxes with the help of printing. Dodo Packaging provides a variety of options to give an enchanting appearance to these boxes. The two commonly used color schemes are the CMYK and PMS. 

These fantastic color models turn the boring packaging vibrant. However, there is little difference between both color models. The CMYK model has lesser color shades but is an affordable option for hair extension boxes in bulk, whereas the PMS model has a wide range of color options. You can choose according to your choice and budget.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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