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The concept of Design, Develop and Deploy is altogether put up in 3D design by dodo packaging. For this purpose, we have manufactured countless custom printed boxes for our customer’s. These boxes have not only helped in increasing the selling rate of their items but have also gathered them a whole lot of limelight and publicity. The custom boxes prepared by us is the one solution to all your product packaging problems.

Firstly, a 3D layout of the box to designed is created and approval from the client is taken to start the manufacturer. After that, the appropriate material and the dimensions of the product are compared with the box.

These boxes serve as carriers and storage items which can be manufactured in several styles and sizes. The most general of them are tray style boxes, four-panel style boxes, full overlap container, etc. These boxes can be used for shipment purpose as well.

The cardboard used in the manufacture of these boxes is of high quality which can easily bear the weight of the items inside and be lightweight at the same time. The printing option includes the embossing of brand’s name, logo, barcode and unique content related to the product inside. The graphic designing is managed according to the client’s demand.

In addition, extra options are also provided which include die-cut and foil stamping. These boxes are not only good at appearance and function but are also profitable. As the personalized packaging provided by us is always on proficient rates which not sells your product but endorses it as well.

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Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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