Custom Printed Gold Foil Boxes
Custom Printed Gold Foil Boxes
Custom Printed Gold Foil Boxes
Dodo packaging provides alluring gold foil boxes that have many advantages. The fine gold foil especially made for them gives…
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Custom Printed Silver Foil Boxes
Custom Printed Silver Foil Boxes
Custom Printed Silver Foil Boxes
Dodo packaging provides attractive custom silver foil boxes to enhance the beauty of a package. Silver foil boxes Packaging is…
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    Custom Metalized boxes :  Custom Metalized Packaging

    Do you wish to acquire custom metalized boxes according to your preference?
    Well, your wish just came true. As we work hard to create the perfect custom metalized boxes for you just like you envisioned.
    That’s right fellows! We at Dodo packaging produce metalized boxes specifically tailored to all your requirements. Whether you want a square, round, hexagon or any other shape, you name it we produce it. The most commonly produced shape is a rectangle but here at Dodo packaging, we cater all shapes. And no matter how small or how big your product is we will produce the box that will be the perfect size for your products. Simply put, at Dodo packaging we produce custom metalized boxes in all shapes and sizes.

    Designs for Custom Metalized Boxes

    Moreover, we offer complete customization with regard to the design of the box as well. Whatever impression you want to see on your metalized box, we make sure to imitate it on the box exactly like you envisioned. However, if you fail to form a comprehensive picture of your ideas regarding the designs, our teams will help you out without any charges.

    We also ensure that the texture of the box is smoothed. You can either go for the glossed or matted look. We also offer gloss UV, matte UV and spot UV. You can even ask for using embossing or raised ink patterns to make your box stand out as it gives the metalized boxes a trendy look and will surely grab the attention of your customers.

    At Dodo packaging we make it our mission to produce high-quality custom metalized boxes. The material used is strong enough to protect your products from squishing and stay safe within the confines of the box. We even make additional inserts to keep your products fit in the metalized box. And these inserts could be custom made to the dimensions you give us.

    We also offer to add window cut out on the custom boxes which is then covered by a transparent plastic or a glass sheet. This window allows the customers to take a peek at your products and enhances the chances of a customer buying your product.


    It is our aim to facilitate you and provide you ease at every corner. So make it certain that we help you save cost by offering free shipping of your order.

    At Dodo packaging, you can expect to get your order within 4 to 8 business days. But if want to acquire the package sooner we can make that happen.

    Order Custom Metalized Boxes Now!

    Here you can place an order of the minimum of 100 boxes and a maximum of 500,000 boxes.

    To give you the assurance that we deliver what we promise we offer flat and 3D mock-up trial sampling. But if still have doubts after this we also offer the physical sampling.

    Therefore, without wasting any time rush to the nearest laptop and place an order at Dodo packaging. Because here you will get custom metalized boxes just like you want that are specifically tailored to meet all your individual requirements.You can get more ideas of custom metalized boxes and custom metalized packaging by contacting us at [email protected].

    Looking for Something Outside the box?

    For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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