What Is Corrugated Fiberboard & How We Can Help You?

Posted: August 25, 2021

Is it Corrugated Fiberboard or Corrugated? Or neither?  Actually, both! – By definition, it is a packaging material that is formed by gluing the medium to the liner. Here, the medium is a fluted corrugated sheet, and the liner is one or two sheets of flat linerboard. Together they make what we often call ‘cardboard,’ […]

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Corrugated Packaging

Make Unboxing A Pleasing Experience With Custom Corrugated Boxes

Posted: July 09, 2021

According to a survey, ‘the total cost of the shipment of corrugated boxes in the US is nearly 31$ billion.’ Nowadays, most companies use corrugated boxes for the storage and delivery of goods. Whether you own a small or large business, you can leverage these outstanding boxes for your brand awareness and make your customers […]

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