What Is Corrugated Fiberboard & How We Can Help You?

What Is Corrugated Fiberboard & How We Can Help You?

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Posted: August 25, 2021

Is it Corrugated Fiberboard or Corrugated? Or neither? 

Actually, both! – By definition, it is a packaging material that is formed by gluing the medium to the liner. Here, the medium is a fluted corrugated sheet, and the liner is one or two sheets of flat linerboard. Together they make what we often call ‘cardboard,’ which in turn is a broader term for heavy paperboard. 

You may be wondering if it has advantages over other packaging materials or not? What’s its composition and so on? Is this what you are thinking? If this is the case and then rest assured that you are at the right place. 

The composition, customization, eco-friendly benefits, and packaging uses all work together to craft a remarkable material – Corrugated, and it will help your products in Corrugated Boxes to stand out. 

How Thick Is Corrugated Fiberboard?

There is no definite answer to this question because it depends upon the client’s requirements. As the definition is already discussed above, there are four types that contribute to the actual thickness of the fiberboard. They are as: 


Figure 1: Corrugated Fiberboard Types

  1. Single Face – A: It is a combination of one fluted corrugating medium that is glued to one flat linerboard. 
  2. Single Wall – B: It has two flat facings of linerboard; one side is glued to medium, also called a Double Face. 
  3. Double Wall – C: Here, we have three flat facings of linerboard. One linerboard is glued to each side of two mediums. 
  4. Triple Wall – D:  It consists of four flat facings of linerboard and one glued to each side of three mediums. 

To sum up, the thickness of Corrugated Fiberboard ranges from 1mm – 13mm. The difference in thickness depends upon the difference in flute codes. So whichever flute code you use depends upon the purpose of manufacturing corrugated boxes. And thus the thickness as a whole. 

The Most Popular Corrugated Type – RSC Boxes

It takes a lot of courage to be considered as the most popular type and that too in the corrugated category.

Nevertheless, RSC – The Regular Slotted Container is a widely used type among Custom Corrugated Boxes. The majority of the shipping and storage need companies to rely on this type of box due to its competent and secure design. 

What Kind Of Boxes Are RSC?

In other words, what makes RSC boxes different from the rest? The answer is – The length of each flap; is the same! 

They are ½ the width or the length of a particular full side of the box. It means that all flaps meet in the center when the box is folded and ready to tape for shipment. 

Even if the sides of the box are not equal, or the width and the length differ – the above feature remains the same nevertheless. Sounds different? Well, if you like them, we can make them for you! 


What Are The Benefits Of RSC Carton Packaging?

No doubt it is a wonder packaging type, but still, that doesn’t describe completely what makes this box so appealing to so many consumers and business owners. 

There are a few amazing features that may also attract you to this type of box: 

  • RSCs are best for shipping and storing electronic items and other custom products.
  • Customers can customize their RSC box by specifying the depth, length, and width of the box they need. Moreover, you can customize them for additional protection for fragile objects that your consumers may want to store or ship. 
  • The material used for making these famous boxes is both environment-friendly and durable.

To save more of your time, you can contact us anytime to know more benefits, particularly in your field of interest. 


We Offer Cheap Cardboard Boxes To Enthusiasts 

Getting the most wanted corrugated cardboard boxes at a cheap rate is nearly impossible. However, one shouldn’t lose hope and continue working for the best results. 

And when you begin your search, you will find Dodo Packaging fulfilling every requirement beautifully. In order to be realistic, our principle is solely to work as a family and team. Therefore, we are able to survive in this challenging market. 

With us, you will be able to explore all packaging sub-fields and learn different ways through which you can make your business successful. The best part is, we will be right there with you. 

Prototypes For Corrugated Mailing Boxes And More

If you think we make relationships barely on the basis of promises and sweet words, then you are mistaken. Dodo Packaging has always stood with proving oneself through actions. They say hard work does not go wasted if it’s done with good intentions. 

Therefore, to fulfill our words, we present you with the option of getting prototypes of your order before the order itself? What do you think? This way you can be sure about our services, and we will be able to convince you that we are indeed the perfect choice. Sounds good?  Corrugated-Mailing-Boxes

There are three ways through which we can make sure you understand why our clients give positive reviews. They are as:

  • Flat View
  • 3D Inspection
  • Physical Sampling

Our customer care is available 24/7; in case you want to know more about our company and a free quote, we will be more than happy to cater to your needs. 

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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