How to Eradicate Cliché Packaging and Replace it with Modern and Innovative Packaging

How to Eradicate Cliché Packaging and Replace it with Modern and Innovative Packaging

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Posted: March 06, 2020

The whole world is leading to extreme advancement. Therefore, the expectations of the people are also changing day by day. Like, they are now more towards the uniqueness and the innovativeness in all the related matters. Moreover, the development has made this whole world a global village means all are well aware of the doings and the activities of all others. This increasing progress has made people very selective and demanding. Whatever the business is, everyone wants to be the incredible one as compared to the rivals.

Besides, take any discipline in our lives; we all are surrounded by amazing and innovative packaging. Moreover, talk about food, apparel, cosmetics, electronics, or further household things, we get all the stuff in the packaging.  Furthermore, this packaging is the leading influencer in the present era that plays a convincing role for the buyers. Yes! If we get a feel from the packaging or get attracted to it, then we prefer such packaging.

Product Boxes

This exclusive packaging demand is a great challenge for all types of product sellers. Like, they all are in their best try to be the superior and the most claiming one as compared to each other. For this purpose, they are looking forward to the packaging companies.

Yes! This is because only the packaging companies can help them out in this whole scenario. These product sellers are looking for such packaging companies that will provide them with the far-fetched and the flamboyant packaging.

Why Dodo Packaging Is An Unmatched Alternative

The best option for this purpose will be DodoPackaging. Our company is leading among all other packaging companies. Also, our aim is to serve our clients with our outstandingly remarkable services. This is not only because the profit of these product sellers will ultimately be a cause of profit for us, but also because we are loyal towards our clients as this is the policy of our company. So, you can visit us with full trust and also can go with our Custom Product Boxes for delightful experiences.

Quality Material – An Essential Need

Besides, as we have already discussed that all types of product sellers are dependent on the packaging. Therefore, all types of product sellers can contact us for their demands and requirements.

Most important and the center of attention thing in any packaging is the material quality that is going to be used for the manufacturing of the boxes. As no product seller is ready to take risks about the safety of their product.

Product Packaging

Not only product’s protection is necessary, but also the texture of the boxes matters a lot. This is because the buyers are now more into the smooth and most exquisite packaging.

Therefore, firstly, we are more focused on material quality. We have introduced different material options. Firstly, we suggest our best materials to our customers, and at the same time, we are giving them the complete right of selection. Indeed, they can select the material as per their choice.

You can get the 14pt to 22pt thickness of the Kraft, 12pt to 14pt thickness of the cardboard, and the E, F flutes for the best thickness of corrugated material. The previous three mentioned materials are best for the different types of products. Moreover, the best thing about these materials is that they promise the absolute safety of your product.

Tantalizing Packaging That Leaves A Striking Effect On The Buyers:

Glamorously designed packaging help to convince the buyers. Furthermore, your packaging should not be only according to the taste of selective personalities, but it should be as per the taste of almost all types of people.

For this purpose, we are offering such elaborations that will be equally like by every taste of people.

We have discussed above that the people also focus on the texture of the boxes; this is the reason we have added the coating elaboration. This has the matte and the gloss type that gives the smooth, even, polished, and the shiny texture to the Custom Packaging.

Moreover, the embossing, debossing, and foil stamping will be the best option for the product sellers to advertise themselves. Yes! You can emboss, deboss, or foil your brand name. Moreover, these three add-ons give a noticeable look at your packaging that will surely grasp the attention of the buyers, which will ultimately result in the demand for your product.

Also, you can give a premium look to your packaging by going with the PVC and the die-cutting window addition.

Avail The Enticing And The Contemporary Printing Techniques

Putting all our best efforts to make the packaging more and more considerable. For this purpose, we are introducing the designing addition and multiple animation ideas for the packaging. This is all possible because of the printing techniques. Yes! We also offer the printing techniques, which are of three types off-set, digital, and the screen.

Again! These are the offerings, but the choice will be yours.  Like, with which technique you are okay means, which is according to your budget. By the way, these three are very easily affordable without the tension of a high budget.

Moreover, you can use these techniques with the touch of colors as we have introduced two types of color schemes. One is CMYK, and the other one is PMS. Additionally, you can use the colors form any of these techniques as per your taste.

Besides, these colors will give a vibrant look to your Product Packaging Wholesale that will leave a mesmeric effect on the viewers.

You will get to see a difference in the color options and the price rate of the CMYK and the PMS. Like, the CMYK has limited colors but is extremely affordable. As compared to this, the PMS has a wide range of colors but a little expensive, yet again, you can choose whatever you get as more affordable.

Guaranteed Sales With Tremendous Custom Product Packaging:

It is for sure the buyers will pick your product if they have all of these things in them. Thus, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our official website of the DodoPackaging, where we are providing similar services of Custom Product Boxes. We are offering free mockup video and physical sampling for consumer satisfaction. Also, our customer care is available 24/7 to assist you in any way possible regarding your packaging needs.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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