Custom Printed White Corrugated Pizza Boxes
Custom Printed White Corrugated Pizza Boxes
Custom Printed White Corrugated Pizza Boxes
You can get super attractive white corrugated pizza boxes according to your demands by Dodo Packaging. Pizza is loved by…
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Custom Printed White Small Slice Cake Boxes
Custom Printed White Small Slice Cake Boxes
Custom Printed White Small Slice Cake Boxes
You can get super attractive white small slice-o-cake boxes according to your demands by Dodo Packaging. Sometimes people don’t need…
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Custom Sock Packaging
Custom Sock Packaging
Custom Sock Packaging
Sock packaging doesn't need to be bland, boring, and unimaginative. In fact, sock packaging can be fun and festive! Dodo…
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Custom Sunglasses Packaging
Custom Sunglasses Packaging
Custom Sunglasses Packaging
Are you looking for sunglasses boxes that stand out from the crowd yet are able to offer thorough protection to…
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Custom Retail Packaging For Profitable Strategy

Wholesale Custom Retail Boxes

The packaging is one of the primary concerns of companies. Since they dictate the future of their products, companies do everything in their capacity to provide the best to the audience. Do you want to sell your brand’s/company name uniquely and affordably? Then DodoPackaging is the right selection for you. From start-to-finish, we will take care of your choices and demands. Whether you are attending an event or supplying your product to the retail market, our custom retail packaging will always stand out as the best. Your goals are our goals; we believe in making a long-term relationship with our clients, which stands firm on the morals of honesty, dedication, and commitment.

If you have any queries regarding our services, you can contact our 24/7 customer care representatives. Competition among several companies of probably every field has increased manifolds over the years. We do not want you to lag, as well. Therefore, do not wait longer and get a quote from us soon.

Get Innovative Designs for your packaging

Our team creates state-of-the-art designs that are not only advanced structurally but aesthetically as well. You can ask us for all sorts of shapes and sizes for the Custom printed retail packaging. Your customers deserve easy-to-understand, gorgeous packaging that forces them to grab it and go. Hence, you should opt for the packaging & printing company that understands your consumers as you do. DodoPackaging offers the following designs:

  • Tuck-end Box. Many businesses prefer tuck-end boxes for their hassle-free handling, easy availability, and multi-purpose functions. It comes in three types, namely, straight-end, reverse-end, and auto-lock bottom box. Which type do you think is best for your product’s packaging? Let us know your choice, and we will get to work instantly.
  • Sleeve Box. These boxes contain sleeves, and you customize as many sleeves as possible. It depends upon the requirements and outlook of the product. They can be a good idea for highlighting either the brand’s name or product’s features. Sleeve Boxes are different in many ways, and designers invent styles for them.
  • Mailer Box. It is a self-sealing corrugated shipper that offers excellent rigidity and protection without the coast and set-up time of boxes. You need DodoPackaging’s material to save time, money, and enhance packaging efficiency.

Exciting Designs For Better looking Packaging

  • Display Box. There is always a time when you get confused regarding the promotion of your product. You wonder how will the audience know your item, well that is why display boxes are made. Their primary purpose is to let people know what they are holding. We can create attractive display boxes for you.
  • Pillow Box. Every company almost employs it. They are the recent trend in the packaging world, and a lot of businesses are making use of it. We can make unique pillow designs for you that are sure to stand out in the crowd.
  • Gable Box. Have you ever seen Mcdonald’s happy meal boxes or Dunkin’ Donuts boxes? We bet you did. Those boxes are an example of gable box type. They come with the handle. So, you can use them for gift purpose too.

There is a wide variety of designs available with us. If you want another design that is not mentioned here, let us know; we will create the same for you. Our team consists of talented individuals who are always ready for a challenge, so do not think twice before coming to us with a complicated situation. We assure you of a surprisingly easy solution.

100% Satisfactory Material For You Packaging

The material used in the manufacture of retail boxes is usually cardboard, which is of high quality and strength. This makes the box more durable and unlikely to get damaged. For the product to be delivered safely, an additional sheet of bubble wrap can also be provided. However, DodoPackaging offers many other kinds of materials too. Our clients can choose whichever material they want for their product’s wrapping. The materials are given below:

  • Card Stock. Also known as cover stock and pasteboard, card stock is thicker than the standard writing paper but lighter than other materials. It is not preferred for long-distance shipment, but it is a good option for a lot of other things.
  • Corrugated. It is mostly recommended for international shipments. It consists of flutes and two flat linerboards. The flutes’ thickness varies according to their types; for instance, A Flute has a thickness of 5mm, whereas E Flute has a thickness of 0.6mm. You can select any kind of material, keeping in mind your product and its features.
  • Eco-friendly kraft. known as recycled and biodegradable. Eco-friendly kraft is a good choice for keeping the environment clean and healthy. We care for the earth we live in; we appreciate our clients too, who share the same belief. Therefore, if you want to contribute in saving the planet, let us know.
  • Rigid. It is made with paper board and card stock, which makes its thickness higher than the rest. The minimum width of rigid material is 32pt. It is a right option for shipment of susceptible products. The material provides security and protection from external damage. Do you want it for your product’s packaging? Let us know about your choice. Our team awaits your decision.

Amazing Add-Ons For Extraordinary Outlook

Extra doesn't need to be always a bad idea. If you ask us, we will recommend you to get as much extra as possible. Since letting your product’s packaging stand out in the crowd is not an easy task. We offer the following additional features:

  • Spot UVEmbossing & Debossing 
  • Die-Cutting 
  • Hot Stamping 

Why Choose Us? – First Quality At Minimal Rates

DodoPackaging always keep its customers first in terms of choices and designing. You can find hundreds or even thousands of printing companies around you, but no one will be like us. We design according to the client’s demand and never fail at this. Our team produces only high quality and sought-after packaging. Moreover, our highly qualified customer care staff is always available to guide you for a perfect retail packaging box.

The best part about having us as your printing company is that we provide retail packaging at wholesale rates. Furthermore, you can get amazing discounts on bulk orders. We are here to assist you as much as possible; only you have to take one step ahead. So, who do you think is the best choice now? The one who is providing first-class services at minimal rates or the one who just boosts instead of practical actions?

Hassle-Free Order & Delivery

If you think we are the right choice for you, then feel free to contact us at and get your custom retail packaging at proficient rates on your doorsteps.

You can get more ideas of Luxury retail packaging by contacting us at We look forward to working with you for a healthy relationship based on honesty, determination, and commitment.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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