5 amazing benefits of custom printed pillow boxes wholesale. Read to know.

5 amazing benefits of custom printed pillow boxes wholesale. Read to know.

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Posted: September 22, 2021

There are tremendous benefits of using pillow boxes. But unfortunately, not many people know about the wonders these boxes can do. If you are also the one, then read this complete blog and use different ways to use these uniquely designed boxes.

Make Your Parties And Events Memorable With Pillow Boxes:

Favor boxes have been around for many years. They are best to welcome your guests and share joy, happiness, and longevity with them. Moreover, distributing favors may be a tradition, but its use and people’s expectations of them have now changed.

Majorly, these favor boxes are used for weddings. It is because the wedding is the most important day for brides, grooms, and their relatives. Therefore, everybody wants to design it elegantly by using the latest trends and designs to make it classic.

Custom pillow boxes are much in demand today. The reason is its unique pillow-like shape that looks appealing and fascinates people attending the wedding. Not only for weddings, are these boxes ideal for other events as well like birthday parties and other special gatherings.


Favor Boxes For Wedding:

These boxes are commonly in use for weddings. However, what creates a difference is the way you design the packaging. Moreover, at weddings, these boxes are used for different purposes apart from being given as favors.

Like you can decorate tables with these favors, and it will look fascinating and leave a mark on people’s minds. Furthermore, giving these favors to people attending the function makes them happy and brings goodwill. Additionally, some people do not like to lose these pretty small boxes and utilize them for other purposes. In this way, it works like a memento of a special occasion.

You can design the box in the shape and size of your choice. Printing the bride and groom’s names along with a thankful note is also a good way to appreciate people’s presence.

Birthdays And Favor Boxes:

Not only for weddings, are these boxes in use for birthdays as well. A birthday is a special event for the birthday person as well. So, if people throw a party, they want every arrangement to be special. Providing favors to guests is a gesture of thanking them for their appearance. Additionally, you can put special gifts for each person as well. For instance, for kids, you can put candies as they love eating them. Similarly, for adults, you can put a special jewelry piece or other precious products. Such gifts in beautiful black pillow boxes leave the mark of the event, which they remember for a long.

Get Favor Pillow Boxes At Economical Rates:

The best part is that these boxes are affordable. That means you can get the unique yet fascinating packaging at e economical rates. It is because these boxes are small and need a small amount of packaging material for manufacturing. This is the most liked benefit of pillow boxes.

The money you spend depends on the packaging material you choose. There are different choices for product packaging material in the market.


Kraft pillow boxes are the perfect packaging choice for making favor boxes. This packaging material is light in weight which reduces its shipping cost, and is easy to carry. Additionally, they are printing-friendly so that you can design the packaging in the shape and size of your choice.

Kraft is the best packaging choice for box manufacturing. This packaging material is high in demand for box manufacturing because of its recyclable quality. Additionally, the eco-friendly quality of Kraft makes it affordable than other packaging materials as well. However, the recyclable quality of Kraft does not compromise its durability.

Additionally, all these materials are flexible, and you can mold them in the shape and size of your choice.

How Can You Give Pillow Boxes A Fancy Look?

Favor boxes must look pretty. It is essential to make them worthy for a formal event. For this reason, the front of the box must look appealing. So, there are different box designing techniques that packaging companies offer.

Foiling is the best box designing technique for favor boxes. It provides packaging a premium look, and making boxes look pretty is essential for parties and events. Moreover, there are different colors available in foil. You can get one of your choices. However, golden and silver foiling is higher in demand.

Embossing and debossing are other features of box designing. You can emboss or deboss the printing on the box. It will not only make the names on it prominent but give a pleasing look as well.

Additionally, window cuts showcase items inside the box beautifully. So, there are two types of windows that companies mostly use. Die-cut window and PVC window are two options. Die-cut windows make products touchable. While PVC window only allows seeing it.


Make Them A Part Of Your Specific Color Theme:

Colors matter a lot in making boxes look pretty and in associating the gender for birthdays. For instance, pink pillow boxes represent the birthday of a girl and blue for boys. Furthermore, CMYK and PMS are two color models. CMYK is affordable but offers fewer shades. Conversely, PMs provide a wider shade range.

How to make pillow boxes?

There is absolutely no rocket science to design pillow boxes wholesale. There are numerous designers and companies present in the market to help you. You just have to choose the right options, and that is it.

Where can I buy pillow boxes?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about clear pillow boxes. Well, you can easily place an order for these boxes at the website of known companies like Dodo Packaging. They will deliver these boxes to your doorstep as well. So, get your pillow favor boxes now to make people remember your events for long.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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