5 Outrageous Ideas for your Candle Boxes

5 Outrageous Ideas for your Candle Boxes

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Posted: February 24, 2020

Our company, named Dodo Packaging, is one of the dominant packaging companies in the world. However, we tend to manufacture hardcore yet beautiful packaging for you. We will let you know about all the tricks and features of packaging and the ways we make it.

Moreover, we focus on all the essential elements while designing a box. However, the less it is, the more attractive it will be. Furthermore, we offer candle packaging wholesale as well, with great discounts.Do you know how to make candle packaging outclass? If you don’t know, then today, we will share with you the five outrageous ideas for your candle boxes

Idea 1:  Choose a Best Material for your Candle Boxes

We at DodoPackaging utilizes sustainable material for making custom candle boxes. Hence, our boxes are durable and user-friendly. However, the following are the materials we offer for the candle boxes:

Kraft Box:

Kraft is a great material for candle boxes. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Moreover, Kraft material is a little sturdy; hence it will keep your candles safe as well. Furthermore, Kraft is a lightweight material that is easy to handle and carry. 

Card stock Box:

Card stock material is lightweight and transported easily. The card stock box assists the candle packaging graphical printing processes more friendly. Candles look beautiful in this type of box. This box supplements the luxury candle packaging as well because cardstock makes candles look luxurious and appealing. One disadvantage is that you cannot use this type of boxes for international shipment.This type of box is perfect for international shipping.

Corrugated Box:

A corrugated material box ensures more safety for sending your bulk candles internationally. It contains two flat linerboards and flutes. There are different types of flutes from which you can choose.Furthermore, this type of box can be availed for wholesale candles.

Rigid Box:

Rigid materials are of high quality. However, as candles are sensitive for international shipping, so avail this box type to keep candles safe. These boxes are more elegant than other boxes. However, you can avail this box for luxury purpose.You can customize the box according to your choice.

Idea 2:  Avail a Stylish Opening for your Candle Boxes

We at the DodoPackaging offers beautiful and stylish opening styles for your candles. However, the opening of the box matters a lot to make your product appealing to customers.

We offer following box styles:

Sleeve Boxes:

Seal ended boxes will keep your candles elegant and attractive. It will also keep candles safe.However, experts in our packaging company create these boxes on good features. This box will add a highlight to candles.You can also avail window options in this sealed box to showcase your candles beautifully.

Mailer Box:

Mailer boxes are really user-friendly. It is an adhesive-free box.However, the mailer boxes make candles look really beautiful. Moreover, you can customize your mailer boxes with various cuttings and highlights. Furthermore, you can make these boxes manufacture from our company to keep your candles nicely.

Tuck End Box:

The tuck-end box is a simple style box and handy.However, it will keep candles safe. Moreover, you can avail of this box in a rectangular shape or square shape.This type of box is user-friendly due to this, put in position technique.

2 Piece Box:

If you are searching for a strong and eye-catching box, grab 2piece candle boxes.However, if you need luxury candle packaging, then avail this style box option. Additionally, the box consists of a beautiful front cover, and you can avail of box space for printing desired stuff.

 Idea 3: Inscribe Beautiful Graphical Themes on Candle Boxes

You can avail of various prints and graphics to make candle boxes look appealing. Moreover, you can use inscribe your favorite color printing designs. So, you can customize your candle boxes with various textures and designs. However, you can use emboss and deboss techniques as well.

 Furthermore, you can add different techniques such as UV spot, foiling, and stickers according to your specific graphics to make candle packaging look awestruck and eye-catching.

Moreover, you can sketch out your creative designs for making your candle boxes look eye-catching to the consumers. However, you can design anything on the box; for instance, you can simply emboss your logo, any good message, details of the candle wax, etc.


Idea 4:  Select Perfect Color Model for your Boxes

Make your box look attractive by opting for beautiful colors. However, the color selection of the product will attract customers more efficiently.We are providing the following color models:

CMYK Model Enterprises:

CMYK Model comprises of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black colors. Hence, by mixing these colors, you can achieve your desired color for candle box customization, and it does not affect the pixel quality. Moreover, you can select the color of the box or text according to your candles.

Pantone Model:

Pantone matching system color selection is vast and expensive as compared to the other type. However, this kind of option is more suitable for gift boxes. Moreover, do specify your choice while opting for this color model.

Idea 5: Embrace Your Candle Boxes with Coatings

To make your boxes appealing, it’s not only about manufacturing hence give it a beautiful finishing. Do you want your packaging to pop? Then apply a coating to make candle packaging look great even after repeated handling. It also assists in keeping the printing ink locked. Hence coating is an essential step of customization for candle boxes.

What is finishing?

We modify boxes by applying coating and finishes to give boxes a great look. Moreover, finishes and printing techniques are attainable for boosting up the visual aspect of the packaging and increases the market value of your boxes.We offer the following coating for your candle boxes:

Glass Coating:

We offer gloss coating, which looks shiny and slicky to make your inside product attractive. This coating is smooth and reflects light effectively. It looks really appealing to catch the eyes of people. Additionally, you can also avail of color and vibrant packaging options in this coating for your candles.

Matte Coating:

Our Matte coating comprises of shine-free smooth surface texture.The matte touch of the box will give your customers luxurious feel to grab the product. We provide two kinds of matte finishes: soft-touch matte finish and scuff proof matte finish.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are experts to make your packaging look appealing and eye-catching, it will assist you in more sales. Moreover, our packaging will make your brand stand out unique in the market.

Our customized boxes are eco-friendly and affordable. Hence, your products are in safe hands. Moreover, our boxes will increase the shelf life of your products and make them stay longer.

Furthermore, to the above-provided specifications, our company is here to arm you with more detail information you require to make a final decision! So do contact our company for any further queries.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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