5 Top Expert Ways to Embrace Retail Boxes

5 Top Expert Ways to Embrace Retail Boxes

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Posted: July 06, 2020

DodoPackaging is one of the popular packaging companies in the world. We are a U.S.A based company. We manufacture packaging according to your desired imaginations. Our experts are really talented in designing awesome retail boxes.

Our company professionals create tremendous custom retail boxes by adding wonderful additional elements. We always come up with great additions to make your retail boxes look eye-catching.

The custom retail boxes ready for shelving refers to the preparation of a product packaging that is delivered to a retailer in a commercialized unit ready for sale. The retail boxes are placed on the shelf without the need to unpack or repack.

Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Whether your products are big or small, we provide different custom retail product boxes to fit your needs. However, you can customize every dimension of the boxes to beautifully display and protect your retail products.

The retail boxes size isn’t the only thing that matters. You can grab custom retail product packaging from us in which you can add whatever you need to make your retail packaging an extension of your brand. We offer limitless options.

The following are five top expert ways to embrace your retail boxes:

1-Choose a Durable Material to Encase Your Retail Products

Material is the base of the packaging. The material decides the box’s longevity and sturdiness. So, the following are some of the best sustainable materials which we offer:

Eco-Friendly Kraft Retail boxes

Our eco-friendly Kraft retail boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. Kraft retail boxes are sturdy enough to save the retail products. Further, Kraft materials are environment-friendly and cause no environmental destruction issues. 

Card Stock Retail boxes

Our company offers card stock material for manufacturing retail boxes. It is lightweight and transported easily. Our company experts can alter the card stock retail boxes according to your chosen shape and size. 

Do you know? The card stock box complements the retail boxes printing processes as smoothly and amazingly as comparative to other material boxes. The retail products look attractive in this type of retail box. 

The cardstock box complements the luxury retail boxes. Our cardstock boxes are not favorable for the international shipment but are easily used for the local shipment.

Custom Retail boxes wholesale Packaging

Corrugated Retail boxes

If you are looking for retail boxes that can ensure the maximum safety for sending your bulk retails boxes Internationally, then this type of material is a great choice. 

It is suitable for international shipment as it comprises flutes and two flat linerboards. We offer to diversify types in flutes, namely, A Flute (5mm), B Flute (3mm), C Flute (4mm), E Flute (1.5mm), and F Flute (0.6mm). We also offer retail boxes in wholesale.

Rigid Retail boxes 

Rigid retail boxes give a high-quality appearance. This box material is preferable for international shipping, so avail our rigid retail boxes to keep your retail products safe. 

The rigid boxes are much more visually attractive. You can avail of this box for luxury retail boxes and gifting purposes also. So, wait no more and tell us your choice so we can modify the rigid retail box according to your choice.

2. Make an Addition of Enticing Features on the Retail Boxes

You have to add amazing features to your retail boxes. However, we offer innumerable additional feature options. You can inscribe UV spotting, foiling, or stickers techniques on the retail boxes. 

Custom printed retail packaging looks more attractive by inscribing design on the retail boxes. We offer more than sixty foiling colors, which you can avail for the retail boxes. 

You can also draw out your imaginative artwork for retail boxes designing by the assistance of graphical software and forward your idea to us. 

Custom Retail boxes wholesale Packaging

We have lots of printing expertise available in our company, such as offset, screening printing, and digital methods. So, grab your own choice. Moreover, you can imprint metallic foiling as well on the retail boxes. 

There are various printing options and ideas which our experts offer:

  1. Spot UV 
  2. Die-Cutting 
  3. Embossing & Debossing
  4. PVC Window Die-Cut
  5. Perforation

3. Add Stylish Font According to your Retail Products

If you have no idea about choosing the fonts, then don’t worry, our experts can do it for you. However, it can be challenging, but we can guide you. Firstly you have to do a little search to know the unique features of some basic fonts. 

Custom Retail boxes wholesale

It is also called as font psychology. Therefore, to make the right choice, it is crucial to study each font style. 

Some of the basic font’s classifications are described below:

Serif: It is a classic and traditional font style.

Sans-serif: It is the modern and clean font style

Handwritten: It is an artistic and informative font style.

Decorative: It is an exclusive and stylized font style.

Slab serif: It is a bold and confident font style.

Script: It is an elegant and unique font style.

4. Enhance Retail Boxes by Putting on Fabulous Coatings

You can make your retail boxes look more lavishing, by availing our coating option. We at DodoPackaging offer beautiful finishes by which you can avail different kinds of coatings to make your retail boxes look grabbable. 

You can apply coatings on the retail boxes to lock in the ink of the retail boxes. Th great advantage is this that coatings protect retail product boxes from external climatic damages. Thus, to lock the color of the retail product box, you need to apply a nice coating over it. 

We offer many kinds of coatings. Two famous coatings which we offer are matte and glossy. Moreover, the matte coating gives a deep color finishing, and glossy gives a shiny appearance.

Retail boxes wholesale Packaging

The gloss coating provides an attractive luminous finish. It embraces the box to shine in the light. 

Whereas, the matte coating gives a decent finish and does not reflect in the light. Further, it doesn’t have a look like a shiny coating. 

5-Once You Got to Know the Customization Techniques, We Can Develop A 3D Proof in Real-Time

Now you know what you want your retail boxes to look like. So, now, it’s time to bring it to life! To get started, choose your custom retail box style, dimension, and the desired quantity and convey it to us.  

Our experts will start developing your 3D proof and make changes to your design in real-time. However, you can tell us your chosen colors, images, and text, we can add dielines, and modify the sizing and placement of everything to your heart’s desire.

Why Choose Our Company?

We at DodoPackaging offers premium product retail boxes. However, we have high-quality retail boxes that make your product and brand feel valuable.

We take pride in making retail boxes accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our experts are professionals in manufacturing custom retail boxes. Our retail box’s designs will make your retail boxes look appealing and eye-catching. Therefore, this will appreciate people to buy your retail products more.

Moreover, we design unique boxes that make your brand stand out unique in the market. You can avail of wholesale retail packaging from us to save your cost. So, place your order today to have tremendous retail boxes.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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