Best Popcorn Art Boxes You Should Definitely Try

Best Popcorn Art Boxes You Should Definitely Try

by admin

Posted: February 28, 2020

The popcorn variety of maize was tamed by Pre-Columbian indigenous people by 5000 B.C.E. It is a small and harder form of flint corn, most commonly found in white or yellow kernels.

Evidence of popcorn’s first pop did not appear until the 1820’s when it was sold throughout the eastern United States. As popcorn gained popularity, it began to appear in all sorts of variations. However, archaeologists have found traces of popcorn in 1,000-year-old Peruvian tombs.

The demand for pre-made popcorn is on the rise in the U.S. However; experts say it’s one of the fastest-growing markets in the snack food industry. With that being said, many people are wondering about the best way to package their popcorn. The market is becoming very crowded, so it is vital that your popcorn packaging stands out.

Following are some great ways for your popcorn packaging:

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Gold Paper

Glittery things always look nice and eye-catching. However, a gold paper looks amazing with a shiny and shimmering appearance. Gold color sheet is used in this box type to decorate the popcorn box.

However, popcorn containers look so beautiful like this. This box has straight lines, wavy stripes, and different sizes of semi-circles on the top. Moreover, you can paste anything of your choice on the box. There are also some beautiful colors like pink, white, green and yellow, which you can use in this box.

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However, you can also paste the complete sheet in the cardboard to have a more enticing look. A golden paper is an elegant way to decorate a popcorn carrier.

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Polka Pattern

Polka prints look amazing and transfer a beautiful feeling. However, the dotted shape texture is considered to give a feeling of summer. However, there are many backgrounds that can be converted into a unique shape by using circles.

You can surprise your friends with a sweet treat wrapped in these stylish light pink popcorn boxes. Moreover, light-colored to convert them into polka prints. However, sea green, yolk yellow, sky blue, and baby pink make good surfaces for white circles.

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Moreover, the shape, size, and quantity of the round cut-outs bring great variation. However, a box can be associated with a certain brand due to the way they have decided to sprinkle white spots on the surface. Apart from white, black, pink, now the green color is also considered for making dots. This fresh design is a unique option for popcorn cartons.

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Box of Quotes

Popcorns are used on quite a many occasions. For instance, movie nights, birthdays, and sleepovers are made yummy with the addition of this eatable. Most popcorn boxes U.S.A. companies are following a new trend in their packaging.

By creating a box of quotations, popcorn boxes will look beautiful. Just have a plain box with a print on it and a quotation in the middle or anywhere you like. Additionally, you can print your company’s logo, tagline, a quotation message. This becomes an interesting way to charm the audience.

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While watching a movie, its famous quote can be inscribed on the box. On special events, convey a hearty message.Similarly, at sleepovers, I just wrote a funny message. However, this makes popcorn eating fun and playful.

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Theatre Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn is the staple snack during theatre time. However, movie theatres are screening new movies every other day. So, creatively the advertisement for the movies can be done on the popcorn boxes.  Moreover, the printing out certain scenes from the movie or the faces of the characters can be an innovative way to make the box look attractive.

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By using different colors and creative printing techniques, popcorn boxes will look enticing. Just add perfection with the use of the latest printing techniques. However, these personalized boxes can be made by pasting different cut-outs on it. On a smaller scale, this trick works the best. Children can be entertained on their birthday parties and get-togethers by this type of box.

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Event Specification

Popcorns are also easy-to-get snacks for leisure time. The sponsors can create boxes that specify the event which has been organized. You can inscribe various things on the popcorn boxes. However, you can also print pictures according to the requirement of the event. However, the decorated boxes will look eye-catching.

For Christmas or New Year, you can print cool figures on boxes. To add differentiation to the box, just adopt a good customization technique for the popcorn boxes. Moreover, there are so many other ideas that you can implement using these great styles.

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These perfected popcorn boxes make the popcorns look attractive. There are a lot of box styles that can be personalized to turn them into popcorn boxes. Many companies can use these artistic ideas in their favor to increase their branding. If you are one of them, then avail custom popcorn boxes.


Black Strip Popcorn Boxes

The black strip popcorn box gives a very elegant and subtle touch to it. However, make popcorn box prominent by black strip texture. The cardboard material popcorn boxes look graceful.

The use of golden and white is a very artsy way to highlight the popcorn box. With the help of colorful stripes, you can create a beautiful popcorn box. The black and white color theme gives a monochromatic feel of the product. Moreover, this color combination gives a very nice feel.

For instance, black and white give the resemblance of chessboard. On the other hand, black and gold can create ideal shapes. Moreover, you can use other colors as well for popcorn boxes customization. However, it is sure that you also want a similar and unique quality of popcorn box design for your brand as well.

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You can have an attractive popcorn box for your business by giving your desired design order at DodoPackaging. Here, you have access to the fabulous design at an affordable cost. We are proud to claim that our reviews and feedback from clients are great in the market.

However, we will design your popcorn boxes in a great way that will portray your product and brand positioning in the market. Moreover, you can avail custom popcorn boxes wholesale as well. To know more about our company and to place your order, you can contact us anytime.

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