5 Benefits Of Biodegradable Packaging For Businesses – Dodo Packaging

5 Benefits Of Biodegradable Packaging For Businesses – Dodo Packaging

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Posted: September 03, 2021

Biodegradable packaging has many benefits. Such as, it requires fewer resources, it has low production cost, there are no toxins and allergens, its disposal form is conventional, and reduced footprint. 

It takes years of study, research, and experiments to reach one conclusion – biodegradable packaging is the future! 

There was a time when plastic packaging became the rock star of the world. It was an overnight success, but with the passage of time, people started understanding its harmful effects. Well, it was a bit late because it had already severely affected Earth. 

But then came sustainable packaging as the savior of nature. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging In Cosmetic Industry

Eco-friendly packaging has reached every field; cosmetics is no exception! You may also witness various famous brands such as Axiology, Bleach London, and many more promoting sustainable packaging. 

If you are a cosmetic manufacturer, then it will be a wise thought to pursue biodegradable cosmetic packaging for your products. Once you launch them, within few days, you will start feeling the difference. 

People are now more aware; they are even bringing illegal companies to court who tortured innocent animals in their laboratories. 

Biodegradable Packaging For Businesses

Adopt Recyclable Packaging For Your Food Items

One must never compromise on the quality of their health. The quality of health is related to the diet we consume. 

In order to keep a healthy diet, it is compulsory to have biodegradable food packaging. One should not take a risk with cheap packaging because they are made up of harmful elements. When such elements combine with food, they become deadly. Thus, that is why we see a rise in diseases and illnesses. 

In fact, people love recyclable packaging because you can even plant different vegetables and fruits with the seeds inside the box. You can try that too! We are sure your audience will love it. 

Benefits Of Environmentally Friendly Packaging

There is no chance one can deny the climate change taking place over our planet. Humans understand they are solely responsible for what is happening with Earth. Due to man-made innovations and construction, nature bore a lot. 

Since sustainable packaging has been there for a long time, but a large number of companies were still using harmful practices. After Covid-19, we realized how our activities had destroyed the planet, and it needs care more than ever before. 

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Carbon molecules are the major contributors to global warming. They are dangerous, and their presence in the air should be halted. If your packaging is made up of recycled products, then the carbon footprint is less. However, if it is made with natural resources, it drains the carbon out of the environment. 

Improves Brand Image

Introducing yourself as an environment-friendly manufacturer will greatly impress your customer base. Sustainable packaging is on the rise; people need less damage to the environment than more progress. 

Thus, if you endorse eco-friendly packaging, it will be beneficial for your business. 

Contains No Harmful Toxins

One of the biggest disadvantages of other packaging forms is the presence of harmful toxins. These toxins, when interact with marine, human, and animal food chains; result is disastrous. Several famine, diseases, and sicknesses prevail. 

However, we are not one of those who make money from misery. We want a peaceful planet for us and coming generations.

Eco Friendly Product Packaging

Role In Eco Friendly Product Packaging?

It’s been a long since Dodo Packaging became part of the packaging industry and the market overall. During our journey, we came across various challenges. Some were tackled within a span of time, while others took more than three-six months. 

Nevertheless, what kept us going was our determination to contribute to a better economy of the country and world. Though packaging companies may not mean so much to a larger portion of our community, that does not mean we are completely out of order. 

When it comes to sustainable packaging, No Damage To Earth! Through our non-stop hard work, we were able to be recognized as one of the best biodegradable packaging companies in the United States. 

If you are one of those who need a little more effort in convincing, the following are some of the features that you may witness with us: 

  • Our price packages are affordable for every business group. 
  • If you place bulk orders with us, we offer you a discount on an already reasonable package. 
  • You will not have to worry about the delivery, no need to track or contact the delivery office. We have the quickest turnaround time, and you get the speedy parcel free of charge. 
  • Our customer care is one of the reliable services in the region. We are active 24/7, always on the go mode, and ready to help you out. 
  • If you are new and want to try our services, no problem, we send prototypes beforehand on demand. 
  • Moreover, you can even place a minimum order of 100 boxes. 

If these are not what you are looking for, then what are you even looking for? To know more about us, contact us anytime.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is From Beginning To End: Biodegradable Packaging Options?

Though sustainable packaging has been around us for a long time now, we realize its importance more than ever. There are numerous biodegradable packaging options, for instance, compostable void filler, sealing of package with recyclable tape, and compostable packaging containers. 

  • What Does Biodegradable Packaging Mean?

Biodegradable packaging stands for packaging that is made up of living organism molecules like proteins and cellulose, called biopolymers. With the help of these biopolymers, the packaging can be safely consumed, degrade quickly, and often waste plants can create them.

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