Here’s How Product Packaging Is Conceptualized by The End-Consumers

Here’s How Product Packaging Is Conceptualized by The End-Consumers

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Posted: December 13, 2019

While I think about the product packaging, three key stakeholders come into my frame of mind i.e., product manufacturer, packaging manufacturer and the end-consumer (customer). Whoever you are, this piece is for you.

The market for product packaging is all advanced and flooding with innovative ideas, so customer care has become even more important.

Customers want to buy products that align with their lifestyle. They love products that tell a story and want to see behind the scenes. Not only that, they want to know who they buy their products from. And the packaging is their first point of contact with the manufacturer. When it speaks to them, they feel good.

Either you are a product manufacturer or packaging manufacturer, let me ask you this question; what do you think while designing the packaging solution for a product?

I am sure, in addition to the rest of the things, you must think about the satisfaction of the end consumer. However, you may also think about what could pump up your sales, caught you!

Let’s see what do the consumers expect from the packaging of the product that they pursue

They crave for a wonderful unboxing experience

I remember my friend receiving her order of Adidas shoes, the shoes were beautiful but guess what did she like better than the shoes? The packaging and the add-ons that were inside the box. There was a pair of laces, paper wrap and a quote book covered with the tote bag, included into the box. The shoes were called Adidas Quotoole book & shoe. This kind of customized packaging of the shoes made them more desirable for her. Hence, receiving something in addition to the product itself adds value to the unboxing experience of the consumer. They like to receive customized packages that include something more than the product. So, it is needless to emphasize its importance.

The tidiness of the box matters a lot

Imagine holding a box with rattling goods inside, doesn’t it feel like something is broken inside? Or someone was just too quick to toss stuff into the box. No, no one wants to buy that box, let alone the product. Customers love to receive a box with the products being placed in a neat and tidy way, and for that, you need to have a box that is well compartmentalized, and the product is placed all fitted into the place. This sort of box gives the customer a high end feeling with regards to the packaging and brand loyalty will come as a by-product.

Consumers feel valued when they receive a box with something more than they are expecting

When did you surprise someone last time? If you haven’t, do it today and you will see the outcome. The person feels happy, excited and grateful. Now imagine receiving a box with added merchandise or tissues or stickers or even a personal note. Right into the feels, yeah?

In the packaging industry, it is called smart packaging; as it will make the customer happy and satisfied. Eventually, smart packaging helps its targeted consumers feel an emotional attachment to the brand. Win-win situation, isn’t it?

Rigid and sturdy boxes FTW

A box that is either damaged or too thin to be placed on the shelf is the least attractive thing for the consumers. In fact, the outlook of the product package is basically a manufacturer’s first opportunity to allure the consumer. So, what is the ideal choice, for both, the consumer as well as the manufacturer? Well, there could be multiple options depending upon the product, however, corrugated mailer digitally printed boxes allow for interior and exterior graphics and they are ideal for a wonderful unboxing experience.

Pro-Tip: If the consumer has ordered something via online services, and the box comes with features of a Tab Lock Roll End design, your product has been safe during the transit. Since the structural integrity would be maintained, the consumer will buy again from you.

Trustworthiness is one thing that your brand earns by the consumer choice

One crucial element of successful packaging is an icon: “Emotions are often also connected to brand icons as memories and feelings can be brought up on sight, leading to long-term relationships between the brand and the consumer,” states The Paper Worker. Affordability is just one aspect of the branded products; consumers look for the brands that pacify them and add value to their unboxing experience. Once your packaging wins the consumers’ heart, your product will be bought based on the premature belief with regards to the packaging.

A well-thought design of the box is attractive for customers

A boring brown box doesn’t attract anyone. The market is already flooded with the boxes of monotonous color schemes, so the consumers take notice of something that stands out. So, what’s the other name of innovative product packaging? Yes, you guessed it right, customized product packaging design could allure customers. Let’s take an example of cosmetics, so many brands are selling the same sort of cosmetic products like lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, etc. According to stats, two out of three consumers

will make a large purchase only if they like its shade, and almost 93% of people primarily perceive visual information.

The thing that makes a difference is how they are being displayed for the customer. Not only that, people have favorite colors for a reason. There is a whole psychological reasoning behind choosing the colors that eventually impact the buying behavior of the customers.

Color perception of the consumers impact the sale of products

Color perception research shows that men prefer bright, contrasting colors, while women prefer softer shades. Hence, one has to be very smart about choosing the right color that will tell your brand story as well as it’s attractive for the target audience.

Pro-tip; Darker color tones are generally representative of trust and the established position of a brand; however, lighter colors or pastels are good in terms of setting a soothing tone. The choice is yours.

Interesting and recognizable patterns are touché

Consumers like intuitive and easy to recognize patterns on the package. Imagine someone entering the supermarket and going through all the shelves and products one by one. But they don’t seem to like anything. Nothing is deeming to appeal to their eyes. Suddenly, they notice a well-crafted, colorful pattern that adorns the packaging. They instantly pick it up and start observing. That is how consumers meet their choice.

Be careful about the packaging ergonomics

The way people open and interact with your product packaging is basically called the ergonomics. This is an integral part of the packaging design process.

At the same time, it needs to suit the consumer’s needs. A little novelty goes a long way in terms of design, but so does practicality.

Frustration-free packaging has already been launched by Amazon in 2008 and their launch had been very successful. Having seen their popularity, big names like Fisher-Price and Matchbox started following the same trend. Why frustration-free packaging became popular? It’s simple, if the customer finds it hard to open the product, they are less likely to come back for more. Hence, ergonomics is important.

For example; Custom folding cartons are economical and make the ideal home for a luxury face cream or perfume.

Eventually, it all boils down to the consumers wanting an experience that makes them feel special.

So, a box which displays a little glamour, some mystery, or maybe some humor (based on what your product is) is very likely to be attractive for consumers.

The key is to make it a memorable unboxing experience for the end consumers.

We all are concerned about the environment

There is so much hype about global warming and climate change, people are rethinking the idea of product packaging. A lot of companies have now shifted to eco-friendly material like Kraft. Similarly, consumers are also choosing wisely; once they rip open the package, they wouldn’t want to be left with extraneous packaging. Hence, they look for innovative ideas in product packaging that will allow them to dispose of the wrappers as biodegradable.

In short, choosing to opt for eco-friendly packaging, is a perspective of both manufacturers as well as the end consumer.

Concluding remarks;

No matter who you are either retailer or manufacturer, end consumer decides the value of your product. All the above-mentioned points make us reach to the conclusion that custom boxes allow you to be creative, eventually attracting more consumers.

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