How To Go From Conventional Packaging To Kraft Gift Boxes Pro

How To Go From Conventional Packaging To Kraft Gift Boxes Pro

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Posted: February 01, 2022

Gifts are as much important for and worthy in life as having their emotional value. Presenting a gift to a loved one is a charm for everyone. Presenting a gift to them is incomplete until you have the right packaging boxes. But only the conventional boxes cant give justice to the environment. Thus, we prefer to suggest kraft material that serves both purposes. On the one hand, your brand presentation and the second is that of saving the green of the world. 

Not only do these kraft boxes will protect the gift inside them, but they also will be attractive with a pleasing note. Where cardstock or cardboard is the usual choice of customers to wrap their gifts, their kraft is another option effective for multiple reasons. 

Additionally, you will have the effect of a nice feeling of saving the planet earth.


Nothing Is Different When Your Switch From Traditional Packaging To Kraft: 

Kraft boxes can be treated just like the regular boxes, made from other materials. The difference is only that it is brown in colour, which is natural. But don’t worry, it works the pretty same way as does other packaging. However, from overall other material, kraft serve the best purposes when they are designed to make the gift boxes. 

Thus, if you are a retailer and want in bulk, this is why you should consider this material first over other packaging materials. 

Having Impressive Boxes Is Not Too Late:

Impressive presentation is the desire of every single marketing desire that brand want. However, getting an impressive box for your gifts is not much late. Although packaging can be your greatest marketing tool, this aspect of marketing does not go unnoticed. Some businesses of modern set patterns prefer this over other packaging materials. And in opposite brands, that do not prefer this marketing aspect face downfall. 

Almost all the industries require their seller to give due importance to their products, and they dramatically are successful through the use of brown kraft gift boxes. 

However, the reason to use kraft boxes can be described through the following points:

  • Many rival brands that give the competition use this material to have differentiated kraft gift boxes
  • There is a need to deliver the products safely to their destination. Sensitive and fragile items need proper packaging, so they may lose their shape en route to a long destination. 
  • Kraft seems to serve the best purpose of packaging. The boxes can greatly increase the appeal of the products so clients can take the high-interest rate. 


Many firms place branding as their top agenda, especially when they are in their initial business stages. Thus, be sure of it that your branding message will reach out to potential and targeted customers. 

How To Make The Simple Boxes Into Something Alluring:

The list of customization is endless. But how do you think it will go which way?

There are the basic looks and important points to keep in mind.

Have The Complete Knowledge About The Product:

Your most important asset in business is your product. You don’t want to lose a single penny with considerable investment, time, and manufacturing process. Hence, the first step is to know your products well and then draw packaging according to them. Your product should have kraft gift boxes with lids that fit in them perfectly. 

By seeing this perspective, large kraft gift boxes are flexible in their capacity to be shaped according to the product. Besides the lid, there are numerous forms and designs that you can attain. 

These are:

  • Auto-lock
  • Display 
  • Folding boxes
  • Gable style
  • Sliding drawer style
  • Mailer boxes
  • Or any style that you want. 


However, you can pick an appropriate style considering your products and the nature of the distribution. This makes the kraft gift boxes wholesale dually work for you. 

Kraft makes you get the double benefits in one way; in one way, it is used for branding with fine printing and second to house the products strongly.

Well, after the use of the products, you can utilize the box to house other items. So, they are labeled as sustainable packaging. 

Give Your Boxes A Noteworthy Printing Features:

Besides the material, what makes the boxes more attractive?

Undoubtedly, it is the box’s design and looks like custom kraft boxes.  

Most products sell in uncountable numbers, just because they appeal strongly to the buyers. But besides that is the printed logo and designs according to the industrial niche. 

Kraft packaging boxes also add various variations, designs, shapes, and sixes. But, you can add up custom printing designs because these boxes are print-friendly, and printing remains as long as the paper is torn away. 

However, better to know that we are presenting the custom option to all your kraft gift boxes. Our boxes are the hallmark of our brand. All our product packagings are as you have imagined. 

We have boxes which are mostly made for you. Treat your viewers in the best aesthetic appeal that conveys the message of your inclination towards saving the world. 

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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