Perfect Candle Boxes For Your Loved Ones

Perfect Candle Boxes For Your Loved Ones

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Posted: June 18, 2020

Do You Love Sending Gifts But Don’t Know How To Pack Them? 

Make moments perfect by giving the person the scent matched with their personality. Firstly, you should know the accurate need for your packaging. Also, you must know the options you have. Gifts are the best methods to show love and affection. People all over the world send gifts to each other. Surely, gifts can be of any kind and style. The size of the gift does not matter, but the feelings and emotions attached to the gift are of the most worth. Your gift has to show the love and effort you put into finding and packing it. The person receiving the gift must feel connected. Hence, the market is full of diverse packaging companies. You just have to select the type of products you have. All the further work is of the company. They offer you with options to style your custom candle boxes in any way you like.

Keeping Up With Using Resilient Materials

Notably, you should keep in mind that the packaging has to be very firm and resilient. Later, you can have a look at all your choices and choose the best ones. Let’s begin with materials.

The market offers card-stock and eco-Kraft as the most used materials. They claim to be the toughest and the most long-lasting. All colors, shapes, and sizes are available. Whereas, Kraft boxes are nature-friendly. Indeed, Mother Nature is fighting for its survival, and the best method to help is by using biodegradable box materials. Moreover, rigid and corrugated boxes are the thickest of all. The thickness is chosen by the patrons. They serve their purpose for shipping all your boxes to every corner in the world. They offer long-time protection. Besides, the box designs present for custom candle packaging are:

  1. Tuck-end: 
  • Straight,
  • Reverse
  • auto-lock
  1. sleeve-box: 
  2. Two-piece box
  3. Five panel Hanger boxes: 
  4. display boxes: 
  5. Mailer boxes: 

You may choose any design you like. Also, the styling has categories. Die-cut, perforation, and gluing are conceivable. 

Why Is Remarkable Customization The Ultimate Goal?

Likewise, the customizing choices for rigid candle boxes are very different and varied. First of all, let’s talk about laminations. The lamination is of two types. It is either gloss or matte. Absolutely, both are different. Gloss leaves a gleaming and sleek effect. Alternatively, matte is very suppressed and gentle. The boxes become very opaque and shady. Both are unique in their way. Else, spot UV is also present. It gives the finish of both gloss and matte while varnishes can also be done.

Whereas, printing methods available in the market are high-end as well as regular. Firstly, digital printing is the most common method, it is inexpensive, and it can be used for printing a smaller quantity of boxes as well as a larger quantity of boxes. Besides, off-set printing is a high-end printing method. It is costly which is why the best way to use it is by printing a considerable amount of candle boxes wholesale. 

Gratification Methods For The Patrons:

Undoubtedly, all companies aim to create boxes with the satisfaction of their customers. The customer care staff is available to answer your questions at any time. It is upon you to decide the most exotic boxes for the packaging of your boxes.

Innovative Approaches To Improve The Quality Of Your Boxes:

The first and foremost concern while making a packaging must be focusing on the material. As it is said that a material predicts the shelf life and sales of your products which is why you need to take special care while choosing one. The market provides you with different options to create rigid candle boxes because every product requires a different box. However, candles are delicate and gentle, which is why their packaging must be robust and resilient.

Firstly, card-stock focuses on making candle packaging because of its firmness and sturdiness. The rigid boxes are made with different thicknesses, but the most suitable one is 14 pt. Also, card-stock packaging assures that candles will not be harmed or destroyed in any way. Secondly, Kraft is a recyclable and resilient material. It is available in khaki color, and it serves as a sturdy rigid box that keeps the candles scented and safe. Also, many customers prefer suing Kraft material because they feel good about not harming the atmosphere. Hence, it also serves its purpose to make 2piece candle boxes if you wish to. Thirdly, cardboard material is also conceivable in variable thicknesses. Cardboard is famous because it has flutes of card-stock and paper-stock that add to the strength and firmness of the box.

How To Get People Like Customization? 

Moreover, when the packaging is dull and boring, not many customers will buy it. Although if it was creative and, vibrant people will rush in the stores to buy the product. Therefore, customization plays a vital role in boosting up the sales and market value of your products. Candles will look more adorable and outclass when they are visible inside a pretty box with different embellishments. Hence, customization choices like printings, coatings, and Add-ons are available.

Nevertheless, two coatings are obtainable in the market, i.e. gloss and mate. The gloss coating offers you with shiny and glamorous packaging. Indeed, the purpose of this coating is to add to the shine and luster of your boxes and make them enchanting.

Likewise, the matte coating is different from the gloss coating because it does not shine in the light. Also, it makes the boxes shady and opaque, which adds to their darkness. Thus, this coating is suitable for customers who wish to buy dark and lusterless packaging

Reasons Why Add-Ons Are Loved By Everyone:

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Furthermore, Add-ons are prominent in the market because they are inexpensive, and they save the marketing cost of your boxes. Thus, you can use Add-ons instead of wasting money on useless advertisements. Add-ons like embossing, debossing, window cutting, and foiling aid in enhancing the visibility and radiance of these candle boxes. Selecting the Add-on is up to you. Visit your favorite website now and place your order right away.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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