Secure Your Favorite Book’s Collection In Custom Book Boxes

Secure Your Favorite Book’s Collection In Custom Book Boxes

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Posted: July 12, 2021

Books are a treasured possession for book lovers. The world is still full of inspirational books, and people love to read no matter what. However, with the advancements in technology, the use of books is gradually decreasing as people are now more focused on reading books online through electronic media. But, there are a large number of people who find great happiness, joy, and peace by reading traditional books. However, one of the major tasks here is to organize and maintain your book collection. It becomes very difficult because it does not require a lot of time, space, and energy.  But now, custom book boxes have solved this problem to a great extent.  Books are not just ordinary pages, but they have emotions and feelings attached to them.

People can’t deny their love for books. Therefore, keeping them protected and secure is everyone’s top concern.  This is why Dodo Packaging is here to provide you with the best quality custom book boxes. These boxes are the ultimate solution for securing valuable books adequately.

Choose Material Wisely For Custom Book Boxes To Offer Maximum Protection

Choosing premium quality material for subscription book boxes is important.  Also, most of the books are usually heavy and quite expensive, and people invest a large amount of money in them.  Therefore, they require strong and durable packaging that keeps them from getting damaged. 

Books boxes are also important for Students or generally for kids to keep their books safe and in one place. Books are vulnerable to outside harm such as bookworms, moist and dirt that leaves spots on the book pages. We provide a variety of materials for book boxes such as cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft.

Cardboard boxes are the best and ultimate solution to overcome all these issues. Cardboard material is made of liners and flutes, and it allows to increase its thickness by adding extra flutes between the liners. It is a strong and sturdy material that offers great protection.

 If you want to ship these book boxes from one place to another, the cardboard packaging material is an excellent option because it keeps the product inside it safe from the shocks and jerks during shipping. Its stiff material protects the books from adverse environmental effects such as moisture, dirt, or pollution. 

Wholesale Book Boxes

Other than that, corrugated material is also widely used. It usually consists of three to five layers of brown Kraft paper. It is tough, strong but lighter in weight. It is an excellent choice to carry heavy books conveniently.

Variety Of Styles And Sizes Are Attainable For Book Boxes Wholesale

Books are a very treasured accessory for book lovers, and they are available in a variety of categories. Some people enjoy fictional stories. Some people prefer story books and others like journals or comic books

Furthermore, the books also vary in shapes and sizes; therefore, the book boxes are customized in various styles as well. We always strived to meet the needs of our customers; hence we offer these book boxes in a variety of styles such as;

  1. Two-piece Boxes
  2. Gable boxes
  3. Cube-shaped boxes
  4. Mailer boxes
  5. Sleeve boxes
  6. Auto bottom boxes

Besides, a lot of designs and sizes are available for book boxes. However, Comic book boxes are also very popular. They keep your comics safe from sunlight and keep them in a dry and cool place to preserve their texture and quality. You can also get large comic boxes to store more than 300 comics in a single pack.  

Besides that, you must try our Comic book storage boxes if you are tired of getting torn or damaged books during the shipping process because of cheap quality packaging boxes. These are more convenient for the transition and storage process and very cost-effective.

Use Different Printing Techniques To Make Your Favorite Book Boxes Extra Alluring

Books hold a significant value in everyone’s life.  Thus, along with good quality material and unique styles, it is essential to enhance the beauty of these boxes.  Beautifully designed book boxes for moving play a vital role in creating a powerful impression on the other person. Your choice of book boxes tells about your personality; hence it has to be powerful enough. 

There are some fantastic books out there, but people do not prefer to read them just because of their dull appearance. The books must always have a colorful and enchanting outlook that speaks for the story itself. Likewise, the book boxes must have an attractive outlook to grab the attention of the book lovers instantly.

Printing custom boxes with logos, captions, images, and information about the book will ultimately increase your brand’s value and boost sales. Printing is the only way you can directly communicate with your customer, and when it comes to books, people always prefer those that provide them with the necessary details.

Book Packaging

Book boxes with charismatic images, fictional pictures, and other designs is the key to make your book boxes stand out in the market. It is also helpful for marketing purposes. There are various options for printing offered by us such as;

  1. Digital printing
  2. Off/on set printing
  3. Flexography

Adding Coatings On Book Boxes Give Them An Exquisite Finish

There are many ways to enhance the outlook of book boxes, and one of them is applying coatings. These coatings work to beautify the boxes and protect them from damage; these unique layers make the book boxes resistant to water, moisture, or dirt, keeping them secure for a long time. Dodo Packaging offers various coatings used for this purpose, such as gloss, matte, and spot UV.

Gloss coatings are the best choice if you want to have glittery or shiny book boxes. Also, it is more demanding among kids. Besides that, you can choose matte coatings. 

They are a good choice for people who don’t prefer shiny packaging for books. Spot UV coatings are a particular type of coatings that make the name, designs, or titles on the books pop out.

Moreover, to make your book boxes colorful and eye-catching, you can use different color models for them.  Book boxes printed with beautiful color themes make you popular among kids. Also, vibrant book boxes urge the buyer to buy the book and read it because it looks interesting enough. Dodo Packaging offers the CMYK and PMS color models for this purpose. Both these models are highly affordable and give pigmented results.

The other customizations which are helpful to make these decorative book boxes visually appealing are embossing/debossing, gold/silver foiling, and die-cut windows. Through these windows, the buyers can get the idea of the book they’re looking for. This leaves an impressive impact on your brand on the buyer.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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