St. Patrick’s Day – Why It Is A Holiday Worth Celebrating?

St. Patrick’s Day – Why It Is A Holiday Worth Celebrating?

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Posted: October 12, 2021

Hallows’ Day is a holiday observed in several countries on 31 October. It is the Day of the traditional Western Christian festival of All Hallows’ Day. However, it is an annual festival in Britain, Ireland, the USA, and Australia. It involves elaborate decorations and costumes. Some common elements are observe on Halloween. Candles are in use for decoration and as fire starters. The traditional costume is usually a green suit with a feather headpiece.

Some people have a fear of tricks, while some do it for the fun aspect. Some Halloween costumes represent the scary side of Halloween. However, this Halloween’s costumes are inspire by the frightful characters in horror films. However, one of these scary characters is the possessed bride from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Most Popular Costume In The USA:

Another way to celebrate Halloween is by wearing different types of costumes. Among the most popular of these costumes are witches, ghosts, ghouls, skeleton warriors, and skeletons. However, these are just a few typical Halloween costumes people wear on this Eve. All these are representations of things that appear frightening and supernatural.

One of the most commonly wore dresses in the USA is the witch costume. People love to be witches, and this makes it the top of choice over there. However, the choice differentiates as per the age. Following are some of the most favorite costumes for people of different ages.


1.    Costumes For Kids:

Spiderman Costume:

Well, kids are just obsessed with the fictional character of Spiderman. How can we just forget that Spiderman is going to be released in December 2021? Just a few months left. Approximately 1.8 million kids have this character on their minds. However, that is why they just plan to dress up like him this year on Halloween Eve.


Well, the existence of this fictional character is many years old. Batman was the only comic book present in the 1940s. Surely, this is yet another character that kids just love to dress up as well. So many kids will be in the get-up of batman on Halloween.

Princess Attire:

As we talked about two fictional characters that boys love. Similarly, there are characters with whom little girls are inspired as well. Like, they just want to be princesses, even if it is for a day. They just channel their inner princess by dressing up as Elsa, frozen, or Mulan.

2.    Costumes For Adults:

Witch Costume:

Nearly 4.6 million people just dressed up as witches. If you don’t have any other idea, then this is the most simple and easy attire that you can go for. However, it can be as easy or as difficult. It entirely depends upon you. The witch costume is definitely best to stay safe from the last-minute hassle.



The day vampire movies are added to Netflix; this character got a lot more hype than ever. You can say that vampire phobia increased a lot. However, people just prefer to go outside as vampires and Dracula.


Many people think that black cats are a sign of bad luck. However, this literally doesn’t mean bad luck if you dress up as a cat. You can dress up as any type of cat. People just love to create this look for Halloween.

Pirates get-up:

Hey, who can forget a famous character of pirate played by Johnny Deep. Everyone was in love with captain jack sparrow. People just get fascinated by the dressing of pirates. It is such fun to dress up like pirates.

Octobers Are Special Just Because Of Halloween.

People of all ages, religions, and cultures celebrate Halloween differently. A lot of people opt to have trick or treating as the main event of this holiday. Parents send out flyers inviting parents and other relatives about the upcoming Halloween celebration. The flyer contains detailed information about how each family can help celebrate Halloween together. It may also include a map so that everyone knows exactly where they will be going for Halloween.


In North America, Halloween is celebrated around the third week of October. This is also a time of illness and death. Many people in the United States consider Halloween as a way to get back on the right track after being away from it for a long time.

Today, Halloween remains a way to bring families together. People celebrate this holiday in a variety of ways depending on where they live. However, different states in the United States have different pronunciations of words such as “houlish” and “hallow” and many other words associated with Halloween. But what is familiar about all these festivals is the enjoyment everyone gets out of them. Halloween boxes are perfect to give surprises to your loved ones on this Day.

How Was It Celebrated In The Past?

Back in the 19th century, one of the most popular ways to celebrate Halloween was through the practice of trick or treating. Kids would visit neighbors and give apples to the older ones. The hope would be that the apples would bring them luck, and the older neighbors would send the kids home with the apples. Sometimes this brought dead relatives back to life. However, the dead relatives would then hear about their resurrection and celebrate Halloween with the living relatives.

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