The Ultimate Guide for CBD Boxes

The Ultimate Guide for CBD Boxes

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Posted: July 03, 2020

DodoPackaging is one of the famous companies in the U.SA. We offer amazing CBD boxes for your CBD products. Our experts offer artistic packaging like custom cigarette boxes, CBD product boxes, etc. and many other related products.

We offer a particular type of CBD packaging that needs to secure the product flavor and image for a more extended period. However, our packaging contains eco-friendly materials that require special crafting attention to make sure that CBD oil bottles inside them are not affected by their packaging style or density.

Therefore, customers always look forward to guaranteed flavor security of the CBD products. That’s why we make sure our custom printed CBD boxes are with complete packaging solutions for these products.

custom printed CBD Boxes wholesale

Our CBD packaging has revolutionized boxing and packaging solutions in amazing ways and advanced techniques. Our packaging company represents customization in the finest manner, we value quality over quantity, and that is why our customized packaging options are very well supported by the production and manufacturing companies.

The following is the ultimate guide for your CBD packaging:

1-Choose a Best Material for Your CBD Packaging

We offer sustainable materials options for your CBD oil custom boxes. However, you can select from various shapes, sizes, and printing options for CBD packaging. We offer the best quality material for your boxes. Thus, the designers available in our company will help you out with your desired artwork for CBD packaging.

wholesale custom printed CBD Boxes

We at the DodoPackaging offers a lot of materials in CBD packaging. The following are materials which our company offers:

  • Cardboard material CBD packaging
  • Cardstock material CBD packaging
  • Eco-Friendly Paper CBD packaging
  • Corrugated material CBD packaging
  • Rigid Material CBD packaging

The Kraft, cardstock, corrugated, and rigid CBD packaging materials are really famous nowadays. However, kraft and cardstock boxes are restricted for local shipment, whereas corrugated and rigid are best for the international shipment.

Further, you can modify every kind of material according to your choice. You can emboss and deboss your brand logo or other kinds of printing stuff. We also offer CBD boxes wholesale at reasonable prices.

2-Provide a Beautiful Opening Style to Your CBD Packaging

The following are various opening styles which you can adopt for your retail packaging:

Tuck-end CBD Box

We offer three types in tuck-end CBD product boxes one is straight-end, the second is auto-lock bottom, and the third is reverse-end boxes. So, you are free to select any of the types of styles according to your CBD product specification. Each box has its own function. Just grab the box of your own choice.

Sleeve CBD Box

The CBD oil bottles look really elegant in sleeve boxes. The structure and the shape of the sleeve box look very attractive and charming. Further, you can avail of a PVC window option in the middle of the sleeve box for embracing the CBD oil packaging. The window option provides onlookers and buyers to have an inner glance of the CBD oil bottles. 

Display CBD Box

This display CBD box is the best one to showcase your CBD oil products in the retail store, etc. You can alter the CBD box product design and color, which makes the customer buy your CBD oil bottles straight away.

wholesale custom CBD Boxes

Gable CBD Box

You can encase your CBD oil bottles beautifully in a gable box. This box looks really attractive. The gable box has handles on top, which makes it easy to hold and carry. So, use this box type for gifting purposes. 

3-You can Highlight your CBD Packaging by Adding Enticing Features. 

Highlight your CBD packaging by inscribing beautiful features. However, you can insert a nice window option on the CBD box. The window option gives people to have a peek into the inside CBD bottles. Moreover, the window feature enhances the outer look of the CBD box. 

We also offer perforation techniques. However, we can add various geometric shapes according to your choice to enhance the look of custom printed CBD packaging.

You can also add great printing options on the CBD box. We can imprint the logo of your company, or an advertising message, quotations, or anything you like to add.

wholesale custom cbd packaging

We also add UV spot printing and stickers on the CBD packaging. Our great foiling techniques will make your CBD packaging look the most eye-catching. Our outstanding features will also assist in making your brand famous in the market. 

For CBD gift boxes, we can decorate them further. We offer great decorations for the CBD gift boxes. For instance, you can put handles, attractive stickers, etc. on the CBD packaging to make them look lavishing. Our experts decorate the CBD packaging nicely by adding accessories to the CBD Packaging. 

Avail our great printing services. Further, we can add artistic foiling on the CBD packaging along with decorative accessories like catchy nice captions, enticing natural CBD stickers, etc.

4-Select a High-Quality Color Model for Your CBD Packaging Printing

You can innovate CBD packaging by opting for high-quality color models. Our experts create nice color combinations to make your CBD product boxes stand out uniquely. So, for this, you should have knowledge about the color models.

We offer two color models which you can avail of to embrace your CBD packaging. However, one is the CMYK model, as it includes cyan, yellow, magenta, and key black colors. You can derive nice color combinations by mixing these colors by avoiding pixel breaking issues.

The second color model which we offer is the Pantone matching system. The PMS color model is expensive as compared to CMYK. Therefore, you can use this color model for printing CBD gift boxes.

Why Choose Us?

We at DodoPackaging offer you many stocks, customization, and completing alternatives for your CBD boxes. Additionally, we provide the fastest customization and shipment services. 

We guarantee premium quality CBD product boxes. Our experts completely understand how bustling you are, and we would prefer not to keep you holding up. 

Moreover, you can get more ideas about CBD boxes packaging by contacting us through email or call. We are here to help you get unique and elegant CBD packaging to fulfill your requirements. 

We provide 2D, 3D, and physical prototypes if necessary. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We try our best to make you satisfy and happy. So do not waste time and order your CBD product boxes now from

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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