Worth Considering Facts For Bath Bomb Boxes

Worth Considering Facts For Bath Bomb Boxes

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Posted: February 10, 2021

You don’t have to be a fashion diva to know what bath bombs are. It is the latest trend in the cosmetic industry. Over time, it has become more of a style rather than a need. Even if you have a tiring day, you can make it all relaxing with bath bombs. It is also a very useful cosmetic for those who prefer always being in style.

Anyhow, the question here is how you can find the best bath bombs. When a customer visits a superstore for the bath bombs before checking their quality, most of them assess their quality through the bath bomb packaging. 

We all know well that people consider packaging boxes, and it has a significant impact on their buying decision. 

To Back The Statement

Here are some key survey statistics about how packaging influences customer decisions:

  • 67% of customers said that the packaging material often induced them to buy the product when selecting a product to buy.
  • 68% of buyers agreed that they were most likely to buy something in a paper or cardboard box if there is a choice between paper or plastic.
  • 71% of customers encouraged to buy brands that package their products in paper or cardboard than in other materials.
  • 63% of consumers said they were more likely to buy products packaged in paper or cardboard boxes because they could reuse the packaging.
  • Meanwhile, 63% of customers said that paper and cardboard packaging makes a product seem more high quality. 

Such stats make it clear that the general public does care about the outlook of the product. So, why not use this factor and make your custom bath bomb packaging the one they are looking for? Keep reading, and we will go through some interesting and worth considering facts about your bath bomb packaging, which will help you make your ordinary packaging look like a dime.

Ease of Consumers

A lot of manufacturers overlook the factor of consumer’s comfort. Eager to make more profits, they provide cheap and low-quality packaging. By the end of the season, they realize the importance of consumer satisfaction. When they fail to provide proper packaging for their bath bombs, users find it challenging to unpack them and arrange them after use. 

However, you don’t have to go through such a long turn, as now you know you should give such an important factor some time and effort. 

Luckily, this doesn’t require as much work as you think. We at Dodo Packaging USA can help you with packaging, which will have all the factors of consumer satisfaction and usage.

Think Ahead 

When it comes to a product like bath bombs, consumers often find it challenging to take proper care of. Therefore, most of them cannot keep bath bombs safe, making them look like a wig straight from a horror film set.

Surprisingly, many blame the quality of bath bombs rather than accepting that they are just careless.  

What you can do here is provide your consumers with custom bath bomb boxes that make it easy to keep bath bombs in the best possible condition. 

Offer Sustainable Packaging

Based on a study, 91% of the USA said they care about packaging’s environmental influence. The USA consumed More than 5 million tonnes of packaging in the year 2018. Out of 5 million tons, we recycled only half of it; the rest ended up in landfills, in our waterways scattered across the land.

If you want to increase the USA’s percentage of recycled packaging, opt for eco-friendly bath bomb packaging. We provide 100% recycled packaging made with wood pulp. 

You can order a free quote for your Custom bath bomb boxes here.

Use High-Quality Material

The best material for this purpose is Kraft paper, cardboard, and paperboard.

These materials are ideal for bath bomb boxes. The raw material required to mold these makeup boxes is inexpensive and affordable for small scale businesses. There are also alternative materials which you can use for the packaging but have its restriction and cost you a lot.

Be selective about the packaging of other stuff like metal or acrylic that may look fancy, but come with lots of investment. One more factor which makes consumers go for Kraft packaging is the “eco-friendly quality.” so why not satisfy your customer by giving them the eco-friendly option and also do something for our planet.

Display Your Product

Regardless of how high quality your product is, if your consumers don’t get the actual look at your product, you might get the number of sales you are looking for. You can make your customer sneak through the product just with the help of a small window on the box. 

Here, you can buy bath bomb packaging with a small window cut on the box. To enhance the aspect of security, we place a protective transparent sheet on the box. The protective layer works both as a window for customers to peak through and as a packaging feature to enhance the overall appeal. 

Nevertheless, you can also get packaging with no protective layer if you want your consumer to feel your bath bombs’ texture. 

Light in Weight 

Whether you are just a small retailer or a giant store supplier, your product’s net weight can cost you many dollars. However, with lightweight bath bomb boxes, you don’t have to pay for overweight transportation fines. 

The only reason why our bath bomb boxes are light is that we prepare our package with wood pulp. Moreover, all recycled packaging adds less than 1% of the bath bomb’s weight. 

Why Choose Us? 

Dodo Packaging is a renowned packaging giant in the USA. To assess the quality of our packaging, you can get free samples of our boxes. After being entirely satisfied with our packages’ quality, you can order wholesale custom bath bomb boxes

All you need to do is contact our customer sales service team, or you can also ask for your queries through the email provided.



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