Cannabis Chocolate Boxes
Cannabis Chocolate Boxes
Cannabis Chocolate Boxes
Dodo packaging is one of the most incredible packaging companies among the market because of the fast shipment and trustworthy…
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Cannabis Counter Display Boxes
Cannabis Counter Display Boxes
Cannabis Counter Display Boxes
Avail of more protection for your pre-rolls with cannabis counter display boxes. However, it fills in as a protection for your pre-rolls…
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Custom Printed Cannabis Boxes
Custom Printed Cannabis Boxes
Custom Printed Cannabis Boxes
In an era where promoting products is everything, our Dodo Packaging will provide an alluring showcase of your cannabis items,…
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    Wholesale Custom Cannabis Packaging

    Coming here and getting your boxes made from Dodo Packaging will prove to be your wildest dream. We offer customized cannabis packaging in adorable sizes and styles. You can order as many boxes as you wish to. Moreover, our cannabis boxes are of high demand because of our state-of-the-art designs and plans. The strategies we provide will take your breaths away.

    Talk to us and get to know more about our future endeavors. We plan on assuming excellent communication and affiliation with our clients.

    Making use of durable and resilient materials

    Indeed, Dodo Packaging gives you a chance to select any of our available sturdy and well-made boxes. Furthermore, we make boxes with any material that you agree to. The materials we offer are card-stock, eco-Kraft, and corrugated.

    Firstly, Card stock is a very durable material. We use it to make your boxes so that they last for a longer period and assure the protection of the cannabis products. Also, it serves its best purpose in the making of boxes for daily use.

    Secondly, we also provide our customers with the option of using an eco-Kraft material that is recyclable as well as reusable. Customers that are looking for a nature-friendly and decomposable box material, this is their go-to. You can easily use this material to make durable boxes that can be reused over and over again.

    Thirdly, Corrugated material is the most well-known for its sturdy and tough protection for a longer period. We offer corrugated material for shipping your cannabis products to their destination in the safest possible way. Even though it is available in various types, we prefer using E and F flute corrugated because of their ideal width. However, any kind can be used as per our client’s requirements.

    Attract appealing customers towards your product

    Appealing the biggest number of the customer is every retailer's dream. Hence, we make this dream come true by providing you with many different box designs. Any of the following designs can be offered.

    Mainly, tuck-end boxes are all-purpose boxes. It is also usable in the making of your boxes. We at Dodo Packaging provide you with three more types of tuck-end boxes that are straight, reverse, and auto-lock tuck-ends.

    It should be noted that all every product requires a different box design due to different shapes and sizes. Therefore, we offer sleeve-boxes for placing your innovative custom cannabis packaging.

    We also deliver your products in mailer boxes. Mailer boxes are made up of corrugated material. Therefore, they are appropriate for delivery purposes. This serves the purpose of transporting your boxes to different locations.

    However, box styles depend upon our consumers. We give you a chance to select a perforated or glued box for your cannabis products.

    This is how we make customizations work most efficiently

    Indeed, our customers demand excellent packaging. Hence, we have for our beloved customers the most eye-catching wholesale cannabis packaging. The customizations we provide at Dodo Packaging are unique and adorable. You can not unsee them. Surely, your customers will also love them, and they will be enthralled to try your cannabis products at least once. We make available for your diverse coatings and printing techniques, including some reasonable Add-ons as well.

    Packaging Asks for embellishment and exaggeration to appeal to more customers. Therefore, we offer the gloss and matte coatings that add to the beauty of your custom printed cannabis packaging. Firstly, Glossy Finishing works on making your custom boxes shimmery and glow. The entire box is full of glowing colors that shine in the light. However, the matte coating is a bit different because it does not shine in the light. The Matte coating is suitable for our patrons who require deeper and opaque custom boxes.

    Needs & requirements of Customers

    Dodo Packaging keeps in mind all the needs and requirements of its customers. Therefore, for our enthusiastic customers and their enhancing desires, we have with us many Add-Ons. The Add-ons available here are die-cutting, PVC window, Spot UV, embossing, and debossing.

    Surely, any of the above Add-Ons are accessible. Embossing enhances the logo and makes it look more attractive because of the enchanting carving, whereas debossing offers subtler logos with imprinted results. Moreover, we give you the option of choosing die-cutting and boost up the visibility of your cannabis products. However, if you wish, then you can fill the area with a PVC window instead. Also, Spot UV is obtainable at Dodo Packaging.  It scatters light in various parts of the cannabis packaging boxes and gives the possible results of both the coatings. The inner corners are covered with shiner coverage, and the rest of the box is lusterless.

    Besides, Dodo Packaging has a constant theme of colors that make your custom boxes very vibrant. Printing plays an essential role in increasing the luminosity and vibrancy of your cannabis packaging wholesale. To cope up with that, digital and offset printing are conceivable. You can see which method is suitable for you.

    Also, CMYK is available in fewer shades and colors than PMS, whereas PMS is a bit costly than CMYK as it has a greater variety of printing colors.

    Reliable and speedy delivery

    The market for cannabis product Packaging is continuously growing with time. Hence dodo Packaging is also on the same page. Indeed, our quality is undoubtedly faultless. We offer you all your desires in affordable and pocket-friendly charges. Also, the order taking begins from a 100 custom made boxes. We deliver everywhere in the world. Our delivery is free in the USA. Just hold on tight, and your cannabis products will reach you within the least possible time.

    Keeping up with the customers

    We provide complete satisfaction to our customers. Our ways to have your approval are to give you prototypes before receiving the entire order to see if you want to make some changes. Without a doubt, any of the prototypes are available at Dodo Packaging. In a flat view, we deliver our customers a die-cut sample. Whereas in 3d inspection, we mail our customers a 3-dimensional box outlook, and also, if you require full gratification, then you must choose the physical sampling method. It will be the best option for you.

    We work very hard to make sure our consumers are fully content with our services. We deliver you cannabis packaging delicately at your doorstep.  Surely our customer care staff is amiable and responsive. We are at your service all day and night. Call us at any time and will find solutions to all your problems.

    Looking for Something Outside the box?

    For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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