E Juice Boxes
E Juice Boxes
E Juice Boxes
DODO Packaging is one of those enterprises in the packaging industry that creates ease for the retailers by providing quality…
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    Dodo Packaging provides the E-liquid packaging for your hot smoking products as nobody wants to display an ordinary and unpleasant e-liquid packaging boxes on their shelves nowadays. Many tobacco companies are in search of innovative ideas for their custom e-liquid packaging to make their products distinctive from other brands. Are you conscious about your tobacco e-liquid brand and boxes? Here we are to give you high quality and customized e-liquid packaging that will not only protect your e-liquid products from spilling out but also give a beautiful display to allure customers. People who are doing the business of e-liquid products know the name of Dodo Packaging as a leading company in the USA.

    Our Company provides you different opportunities to make your product look attractive as people are interested more in buying products which are good looking at its packaging. Make people buy your e-liquid products at first hand with custom printed e-liquid packaging. Get colorful e-liquid packaging with the required printing with high standards at our company.

    Advertise your e-liquid products with customized packaging

    Our company helps you in advertising your e-liquid boxes like never before with our all-time stunning E-liquid boxes. As a matter of fact, attractive and good-looking packaging is a basic need of every retailer to make their product stand out in the market. For this reason, we provide complete customization while making packaging for your product. Moreover, it will help in distinguishing your product from other brands as well. In this way, people will prefer your brand over others as they give equal importance to the packaging of the product.

    Apart from that, we provide you the opportunity to share your ideas with our experts and professional engineers and they will surely consider your opinion while manufacturing your e-liquid packaging boxes. Besides, if you are finding difficulty in selecting designs and themes for your packaging boxes, undoubtedly our trained staff and engineers will help you in identifying ideas to make outstanding packaging that contains such characteristics that can allure customers.

    Suitable material to ensure the security of your product

    Choosing the right material for wrapping your product is very important. The strong and sturdy material will prevent your product from damaging and leakage. Moreover, some materials have the attributes of protecting them from moist and humidity which ultimately provide long-lasting life to them. Given below are the material which helps in protecting your products safe and secure.

    1. Cardboard Stock
    2. Cardstock
    3. Eco-friendly Kraft
    4. Corrugated Material

    Cardboard Stock

    Cardboard is the thickest form of paper. It comes from cellulose and wood fiber. Moreover, this material has elasticity and you can customize it into any shape, size or style as per your requirement. Apart from that, we provide cardboard material in different types. These are paper cardboard, corrugated cardboard, double-wall cardboard triple wall cardboard. Paper cardboard is a simple paper material that you can assemble into any form. Besides, corrugated cardboard comes with multiple layers of flutes which prevents the product from jerk and stroke. Moreover, the double-wall cardboard has a double layer of flutes in it. Whereas, triple cardboard has a triple layer of flutes.


    Cardstock is not different from cardboard. It is the thicker form of writing paper that makes sturdy and strong boxes to enclose your products. The surface of this material is very smooth. Moreover, it can adopt any kind of coating and color on it. Besides, it is flexible enough that you can mold it into any shape or design. The ideal thickness of cardstock is 14pt and 12pt for light-weighted products.

    Eco-friendly Kraft

    Kraft is an eco-friendly material. People who are conscious about their environment prefer Kraft material. Moreover, this material is cheaper and the raw material of Kraft is easily available in the market. Besides, the thickness of Kraft material ranges from 14pt to 22pt. You can pack your products directly to the boxes as Kraft material is coated with wax which ensures the protection of your product.

    Corrugated Material

    Our company gives corrugated material as well which is made of fluted corrugated sheets and one or two linerboards. Moreover, the linerboards are made of cardboard and paperboard. A, B, C, E and F flutes are available in corrugated material. A flute is 5mm. whereas, B flute is 3mm. Contrary to it, C flute is 4mm and E 1.5mm. Lastly, the F flute is 0.6mm. Mostly E flute is in use for manufacturing boxes. Moreover, corrugated material is best for shipment and transportation purposes.

    Provide a perfect finish to your E-liquid packaging with various coating options:

    You need to get noticed if you want to get more customers. For this purpose, you need to get such packaging for your product that can enthrall customer’s attention from afar. Keeping this in mind, we at Dodo Packaging provides different coatings that help in giving a fine finish to the boxes. The following are the coatings that you can use to make your products pop up in retailing shelves.

    • Matte
    • Gloss
    • UV

    Matte coating is an adorably dim and non-shimmery type of coating. It helps in making your boxes shady. Whereas, gloss coating provides a lustrous look to the boxes which helps in catching the eyes of customers passing by. On the other hand, spot UV coating provides a shiny finish on a specific part of the boxes.

    Make your Product More Appealing With Our Printed E-liquid Packaging Boxes

    Printed e-liquid boxes help in delivering your message more effectively wherever it goes. Moreover, you can print your trademark, any image or text related to your product and information about the product for the benefit of customers. Apart from that, you can print the logo of your company in custom design to make your brand known among people. Our experts help in making such a logo on the packaging which will hypnotize people and they will prefer your brand over others.

    It will also help in advertising your merchandise wherever it goes. Besides, to provide a colorful look to the packaging, we mainly use two color schemes. One is CMYK and the other is PMS. CMYK is less expensive but the only drawback is that it has limited shades. On the other hand, PMS offers a wide range of shades but it is expensive than the former.

    Perks at Dodo Packaging

    To prevent people from the tension of thinking hard for gathering ideas for the packaging, we provide a list of styles from which you can select the one which you like the most. Moreover, at our company, we try our best to transform your imaginations into tangible reality. Besides, we use 100% recycled material to play our role in eradicating global warming from the world. Above all, our delivery staff is highly trained and provide swift delivery at your doorstep in less turnaround time. Furthermore, we offer e-liquid packaging at wholesale prices along with free delivery in the USA for the ease of people. For discounts and other information, you can visit our website www.dodopackaging.com

    Looking for Something Outside the box?

    For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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