Marijuana Boxes
Marijuana Boxes
Marijuana Boxes
If you are Looking for the most attractive option to pack your marijuana products, then your issue has been resolved.…
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Marijuana Edible Packaging
Marijuana Edible Packaging
Marijuana Edible Packaging
In a circumstance where advancing is everything, our gifted organizers will think about an appealing exhibit of your cannabis things,…
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    Many states are legalizing the use of Marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Therefore, more innovations in Marijuana Packaging are coming into the market. If you want to develop high-quality packaging for your product and promote the brand effortlessly, you need to select the packaging & printing company that understands your mission and consider your goals as their own. We are proud to acclaim the best packaging company for the purpose.

    Dodo Packaging is working in the industry for a long time now, and with every passing year, we grow with the growing industry. There is a lot of new innovations coming in the market if you want to compete well with your rivals and excel; better contact us for a quote soon. We provide a complete range of customizable options starting from style, shape, size, design, material, inserts, and many more. Moreover, our team is 24/7 available to cater to your needs, so what are you waiting for?

    Manual Customization Of Marijuana Packaging For Satisfactory Outcome

    Material Of Packaging Enhances Strength

    The cannabis industry is rapidly increasing; Marijuana manufacturing companies are increasingly becoming concerned with the packaging of the product, which, if you ask us, is an indication of a serious attitude and highly appreciable. So, what are the traits that contribute to a successful campaign? Mostly it is the outlook of the whole packaging. The right material for packaging of Marijuana is essential. At Dodo Packaging, you can avail the following materials:

    • Eco-Friendly Kraft. Ever since human beings realized the impacts of climate change on our daily life-to-life activities, Eco-friendly companies started looking for eco-friendly inputs, and we are one of them. The kraft is recyclable and biodegradable, best for packaging purposes.
    • Corrugated. One cannot ship the products to the international market in low-quality, soft, and feeble material; that is why corrugated material comes into the scene. It consists of flutes and two flat linerboards that make it best for shipping purpose.
    • Card Stock. Card stock is thicker than standard writing material but lighter than other materials. Although it can be used for various packaging situations such as gifts, local delivery, and much more, select the type and then let us know your choice.

    Design Helps You To Build A Strong Impact

    Everyone knows design plays a vital role in the marketing campaign of the company. The correct choice of design ensures better results in terms of grabbing customers’ attention. Dodo Packaging lets you decide your design, in its custom Marijuana Packaging you are given a complete list of designs with the specification for selection. Some of those designs are given below:

    Protect The Packaging With Great Coating

    Coating not just add beauty to the packaging but also protects the product from external damage. There are many coating types in the market; some are genuine, while some are fake with the pretense of authenticity; we offer the following:

    • Gloss Coating. Gloss coating reflects in the sunlight, thus, giving off a shiny surface. Would you like to apply gloss coating on your marijuana packaging? Let us know.
    • Matte Coating. Give a rough yet elegant touch to your wrapping through the matte coating. Unlike gloss coating, it does not shine in the sunlight but still can be a fruitful option for packaging.

    Exclusive Manufacturing Style For Your Packaging

    How would you want the packaging to reach your customer’s doorsteps? The manufacturing style determines how the product will be packed. We have the following techniques for your packaging:

    • Flat Box
    • Glued Box 

    Color Models For Making Your Packaging Stand Out

    The good part of creating a custom printed Marijuana Packaging is that our clients have a say in the meetings. We cherish your decision to trust us for the task, but we also look forward to your participation, Afterall, it is your product’s packaging, and you must know well what to add and what to not. However, if you trust our decisions and team, we are thrilled to cooperate as well and ensure you of a satisfactory outcome. Selecting color model is a vital process and should be done carefully. The models we offer are:

    • CMYK Model. The model consists of five primary colors, namely, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. The colors make the model limited in its range, but one can always be creative by mixing two or three colors to get a new one. We can do it for you if you choose this model, or you can go with the colors already provided in the system.
    • PMS Model. Pantone Matching System consists of a wide range of colors. Select the one according to your choice and requirement, and we assure you of 100% quality.

    Which Printing Option You Should Opt For Your Brand

    Dodo Packaging’s printing gives your product the extra glamour, the right shine, and the deserving value. Excellent printing helps your business the most; it is the printing that dictates how well the other features will be highlighted. So, choose wisely, and if you need suggestions, our consulting service is always available. We have the following options for printing:

    • Digital Printing
    • Flexography Printing 
    • Offset printing 

    Our Add-Ons Are Unique And Exemplary, Try Them!

    When it comes to Add-ons, everyone holds the same opinion that they are the best. The additional features are extra but in a positive way, enhancing packaging outlook as well as promoting the marketing campaign of the brand. We offer the following to our clients if you have any other feature of your own, feel free to discuss with our experts, and we will make precisely as the requirements. The add-ons are:

    • Spot UV
    • Embossing & Debossing 
    • PVC and Window-Cut
    • Foil Stamping 

    Dodo Packaging For You, Why?

    24/7 customer care availability, super discounts on bulk orders, reasonable packages for every company, quality-ensured, and trustworthy – Dodo Packaging never fails to impress the audience. You can also avail of all these facilities and much more by choosing us. Get your Marijuana Packaging at incredible wholesale rates now.

    Order Prototypes, Anytime.

    Feel free to contact us for ordering prototypes. Prototypes ensure the quality and build up the trust in the client’s point of view. Dodo Packaging sends the sample through the following means:

    • Flat View 
    • 3D Inspection 
    • Physical Sampling 

    Looking for Something Outside the box?

    For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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