Hemp Boxes
Hemp Boxes
Hemp Boxes
Dodo Packaging provides eye-catching designs of hemp boxes that make your medicated eatables and consumables distinctive on shelves. Get high-quality…
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Hemp Milk Boxes
Hemp Milk Boxes
Dodo Packaging is a leading packaging company in the market, and we have been in the business for the longest…
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    Custom Hemp Packaging Wholesale

    Hemp is an incredulous organic creation with extraordinary medicated features. If you want a grantee to entice more customers, then we at dodopackaging, specially design boxes with printed benefits and usage of hemp products for you. Mostly we prefer suggesting you to get Printed their Protein quantity, nutritious benefits, and the expiry date on the packaging to promote your hemp products. The patients who need these benefits of the hemp product would automatically buy your products.

    Dodo Packaging is a well-known packaging that is creating preternatural packaging for hemp products of your choice. We have designed Hemp Packaging under the observation of trained staff. Your brand of hemp products would surely count as the best one. Undoubtedly, the Hemp Packaging Boxes we manufacture are of best quality material, mesmeric elaborations, printing, incredible styles, and many other impressive features. Our packaging will help you to beat your rivals and win the hearts of all your customers. Ask for any shape, size, or quantity of boxes for the ultimate demand of your hemp products, and You will not be disappointed with our services.

    Definite Safety of the Hemp Products with the Finest Quality Materials

    We offer materials that are entirely test proof. Like, we offer two materials, one is cardboard, and the other one is Eco-Kraft. These materials would help your hemp product to stay in its place correctly. Also, it prevents the hemp products from any damage. However, the cardboard material comes with the adjustable thickness. For instance, you can increase or decrease the width of this material as much as you require. While the Kraft material is the best option if you want to contribute to the safety of nature as this material is easily recyclable. Your hemp materials will be completely safe in the Eco-Friendly Hemp Packaging. Also, you can ask for this material in different thicknesses. Although the most preferred thickness of this material is between 14pt to 22pt. As this is the perfect thickness for making all types of hemp product boxes.

    Enhance the Sales of Hemp Products with Creatively Designed Hemp Packaging

    The packaging that we provide is the best way to enhance your sales. Admittedly, we are offering different customization options for all the features of boxes. These features of boxes include different alluring coatings, spellbound foiling, enchanting printing colors, helpful windows for the easy selection of hemp products, and an essential feature is the exceptional styles of the boxes.

    Use Coating Options for the Tantalizing Look of Packaging

    Alluring coatings that we offer include two different types that are the matte and gloss coatings. We have introduced these coating to change the dull and dim appearance of the box. The matte coating will give an unpolished but the flat and smooth look to the box. In contrast to it, the gloss coating offers a polished and shiny look to your box.

    Captivate the Customers by Adding Foiling

    Foiling is mostly in use to give a gleamy look to the Custom Hemp Packaging. We offer foiling in two different types, gold, and silver. However, more color options are also available as per the requests of our customers. You can use it to prominent the titles, logos, brand names, and many other things. Furthermore, the best thing about foiling is that you can use it in any way that you like because everything depends on you. Indeed., we take much care of the choice of our beloved customers.

    Advertise your Brand by Using Printing Methods

    The best feature of Custom Printed Hemp Packaging is printing because You can use it to advertise your brand and enjoy a good profit. We have proposed three different ways of printing which includes off-set printing, digital printing, and flexography printing. The off-set printing is an ink-based printing type. Moreover, it makes use of three different plates through which the image printing process gets done. Additionally, this process counts as affordable if you use it for printing bundles of boxes at the same time. The digital printing process is almost the same as the printing method accessible in offices. This process is based on the use of a toner and gives the most excellent results for printing images. Moreover, flexography is a recently introduced way of printing. This method is also very budget-friendly if you would use it for the printing of a bulk of packaging.

    Give Vibrant Look to your Boxes with Addition of Colors

    Furthermore, we also have color options for the addition of radiance and vibrancy on your boxes. These color methods are CMYK and PMS. Surely, you can use them as per your choice. Both colors are very pigmented. However, CMYK is a very budget-friendly option, whereas PMS has a vast range of shades.

    Variety of Custom Sizes and Styles

    We are offering different sizes, shapes, and styles for making Hemp Packaging Wholesale. Furthermore, the styles that we offer are of different types, and these types include two-piece, sleeve, tuck-end, hexagon, and octagon boxes. All these styles are designed in such a way that would surely impress the customers, and they try your hemp product. These styles are also a great source to stand out as the best brand as compared to all other brands on the display shelf.

    The two-piece boxes come in two parts. Same is the case of sleeve boxes. They also come in two parts. The placement of the two elements in both the two-piece and the sleeve is the same. Like, in one part, the product is placed, and the second part will be the lid of the first part. Both styles come with easy opening and closing; that is why they are prevalent in use.

    Tuck-end boxes come in four types straight, reverse, sealed, and auto-lock tuck-ends. In the straight tuck-end, the flaps are on the same side on the top and the bottom. In reverse tuck-end, the flaps are at the opposite side on the top and bottom. Furthermore, in the sealed tuck-end, the folds of both sides come in a sealed form. The auto-lock tuck-end comes with the lock at the bottom side of the box.

    You Can Trust us Without any Hesitation:

    Indeed, our customers are our responsibility, which is why we promise to serve you with the best facilities. We not only guarantee them the best quality packaging but also put our efforts to bring our words into reality. For this purpose, we have formed a well-trained staff. This staff would make exactly what our customers have asked for. Also, it would polish your ideas into the most impressive reality.

    Discount and Deals

    We are offering hemp packaging at very affordable prices. As we understand that all the hemp product owners want the best-featured packaging for their products in the budgeted amount. Therefore, we have fixed the rates after complete planning. Also, we are offering an excellent discount on the bulk of packaging.

    Free and Swift Delivery

    By keeping into consideration the ease and the convenience of our respected customers, we are offering free of cost delivery of this packaging. All you have to do is to order your favorite packaging, and it will be at your doorstep within the least possible item.

    Looking for Something Outside the box?

    For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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